Another azur speedy, lol

  1. I got my azur speedy supposedly as an early b-day gift from dh, hehe, but then of course when the time came, dh didn't consider it my gift from him so other presents came as well. Here's a pic of my azur speedy along with my other goodies. I have to say that the azur really makes a great casual bag with jeans. Most recently I took it to ped's office and the nurses were going crazy for the azur. Apparently they knew it was one of the newer more understated LV designs and were drooling over it on the LV site, hehe. It wasn't too busy so I let them try out my speedy to get a feel for the style and look. I didn't think I'd like azur so much but I'm thinking I may need to get a little azur accessory to go with it. First pic is of the azur speedy with the new catalog they gave me and the postcard they sent me. Second pic is of my birthday goodies.

    I wanted to mention something hilarious. Recently a thank you letter from LV came in the mail and it was addressed to dh. I was thinking what the heck? And then as we continued to sort the mail, there was an LV post card about the new agendas addressed to me. It's funny cause we always go in the shop together. We figured out the SA realized that I shop (therefore the postcard telling me about new agendas) and dh pays (hence the thank you for shopping note to him). We had a good laugh at that one, lol. :lol:
    as1.jpg cbw2.jpg
  2. congrats
  3. LV, Chanel, and Hermes for your b-day.... could your DH be a better hubby? :nuts:

    Congrats on the cool new purchases! :tup:
  4. Happy B-Day! Azur is a really fun bag to have, if you are not feeling the cream/blue combo, try to dangle a RED cles or bandeau/scarf on the handle. Inclusion Speedy is also cute w/it :yes: It might appear 'pale' due to the naked vachetta, but once it starts the patina process, it's really an awesome bag :yes:

    FYI only one cles a time on Azur when i go out, the trio is just for color reference :p:
    Azur & me.jpg Azur bubble.jpg
  5. gorgeous!!!
  6. Azur is luscious! Love it!
  7. wow, gorgeous ... congrats!
  8. congrats! I definitely think you should get some kind of accessory to match, hehe! Maybe your dh can get another thank you card out of it!
  9. Classic Chic, you are so cute! Ever dared to try 3 cles at a time, lol?

    John, it's meant to keep me feeling better about getting older, lol. I will always LVoe LV, just waiting for spring for the mirroir hearts, damier neverfull, new groom line, and the new vernis to come out. Geez, does it ever end?

    Thanks everyone. Your comments are really enabling me. You guys convinced me I need a cles, hehe. I'll add that to my wish list.
  10. The azur speedy is terrific! Welcome to the club! :smile:
  11. Love the Azur Speedy...remember when you enabled me to get the Mini Pochette? LOL
  12. congrats on all the items u got ! love the azur speedy !
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats :yahoo: Happy Birthday :heart: Is that Azur 25 :nuts: And I see an orange box there too :nuts:
  15. love it...congrats!