Another awful husband,

  1. When one of my best friends was pregnant and in labor her husband refused to pay for any pain medication for her. They did not have insurance and went to some midwife clinic, but pain medication was available if you needed it. Her husband felt it was too expensive and she was in labor for something like 23 hours. She had a natural delivery and a big baby, she said it was the worst experience of her life. My first labor was back labor and the epidural does not work with taking the pain away with back labor so I can only imagine that hers had to be so much worse.
    I just thought her husband was such a jerk.....I really hated him for the things he did to my friend and yet she loved him with all her heart.
  2. i would have kicked his a$$ after i was finished delivering HIS baby.
  3. OMG how unthinkable! Why do women stay with these jerks?
  4. Oh my :sad: how horrible. Can't believe she stayed with him :'(
  5. I'm in pain just imagining what she must have gone through, and I've never even been pregnant..
  6. Unbelievable. That is abuse of the worst kind.
  7. Me too!
  8. I hear ya!!!!!!!!!!
  9. God that's awful! Are they still together? I would have kicked him to the kerb or told him that unless he got his act together and came up with some meds that he wasn't going to be seeing his child anytime soon.
  10. :yucky::yucky::yucky::cursing::throwup::censor: :death:
    Incredible. I don't permit myself to say what I think!!
  11. Gilliana -

    Why didn't she just tell the Docs to give her the pain meds?

    Why would her husband's voice have the deciding factor over hers? She was the patient and an adult.

    Or was her self-confidence and self-esteem in such subservience to that jerk that she didn't think her medical treatment was her own decision?
  12. ^^ that's very true. the medical team was supposed to listen to her, not her husband.
  13. ^^ Totally agree. Who is HE to say what she can have or not during HER labor
  14. :boxing: I would have kicked it WHILE giving birth! I don't even know the words to respond...
  15. You know, I realize these threads about about the jacka$$ husbands, but I also have to wonder, what the heck is wrong with these women!? I can't imagine letting anyone have that much control over me that I would not allow myself to have the proper medical treatment.

    As big of jerks as these men are, the women have a share of the blame for allowing these jokers to have that much control of them.