Another awesome python flap!

  1. This is the yellow/beige python pochette (I *think* it's the same size as ldldb's)

    if you're interested, contact Lisa Hamlin at NM Somerset 248 643 3300 x 2182
    DSC01803.JPG DSC01804.JPG DSC01805.JPG
  2. here's a better picture of the color, borrowed from w-jade's post in the Flap thread here

  3. I love it! Do you know the price?:rolleyes:
  4. wow, another gorgeous one! congrats
  5. $1995! I just stopped off at the store to return some shoes and swung by handbags - it's such a sweet bag for a pretty good price, considering it's python!
  6. Just stunning :smile:
  7. gorgeous! did anyone get it?? :smile:
  8. ^^ sounds like it - but Lisa mentioned that she's getting a few more of them in. Seems like she managed to scrounge up the last few pochettes in NM's system!
  9. Another drool-worthy python flap! Too bad the size is too small for me, or maybe that's a good thing. :smile:

  10. ^ Stephanie, I think that's exactly how I feel. LOL!!
  11. I love it why is the handbag only $1995? I thought it would be around three grand.
  12. Also what size is this handbag?
  13. Hi everyone,

    That is the purse that Lisa was trying to locate for me! :wlae: She will be sending it out today and I can't wait to get my hands on it!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I asked her if she'll have more coming but the answer was no...and that was the last one. Lisa!!! You're the best!!!! :tup:

  14. Did you buy the Yellow Phyton bag?
  15. Congrats to whoever the new owner of this bag is! I love that python spirit ligne and this is a great neutral color. There was a huge price difference between this smaller E-W size and the large Jumbo-size (which was well over $3k). Just trying to digest a turquoise **python** E-W being cheaper than a turquoise **satin** reissue (the tiniest one,at ~$3k) is mind-boggling.