Another Authentication Guide on Ebay

  1. I think it's ok but it would be better with pics of course. Also there are a lot more variations than are mentioned. But still, I think it's fine esp. the part about low BIN prices because that is how most ppl that buy fake Stams are fooled-low BIN.
  2. Hmmmm, I don't know. She is talking very generally about MJ bags. I believe that she is saying that new bags should not have buy it nows of less than $299 but it says all bags. MJ bags do go on sale and I think as many of us ladies here on PF know, there are great bargains with discounts of of up to 60% or more on certain bags. I just don't think this guide is very helpful for those who are brand new to the brand. It is just too general. MJ bags have so many different color combinations and hardware, that is is hard for even people w/ alot of knowledge of MJ to keep up with! I like the vogue1966 guide and harlem_cutie is right, pics would also be helpful!
  3. Agreed! I'm a little offended that she states that MJ never uses pinks, etc., when he obviously does!
  4. I agree. This statement:

    Is patently false. What about spearmint, tapioca, petunia, washed rose, just to name a few?
  5. He's too classy for pinks :P (per the blog):nuts:

    I must've been reading thru it too quickly cuz I just noticed that. Being that comment is patently false I must retract my prior statement it was ok because she got basic info wrong.

    like thithi said at least she tried :shame:
  6. That guide is inaccurate. The MJ Stella, for example, was made in a variety of pinks and also light turquoise and peacock blue. I own the pomegranate red Stella and it has BROWN twill lining. It is authentic! Can someone report that? The last thing honest sellers need is this kind of misinformation floating around to confuse bidders more. :cursing: