Another article trying to scare us!

  1. I must say I do get tired of all these other people trying to tell me what to wear not to wear. Especially when they tell me how I'm goinf to have all these so called "problems" by wearing the type of heels I LOVE.

    I have been wearing pointy toe high heels for years now and have no problems at all with them. I do wish they would stop trying to scare young women away from wearing the styles they like - and let them make up their own minds from their own experiences! Isnt that really the best way to know if something is bad for you or not?
  2. Hey Andrea! All I know about these articles are that I will NEVER stop wearing heels! They are works of art!
  3. I think they key here is like everything else- MODERATION !!! You'll know when you're feet start hurting it's time to give the poor babies a break and take a half day off or so !!! I'll never give up my heels or pointy toes either !!!!
  4. I think it is pretty much scientifically proven that heels and pointy toes are bad for you -- this isn't really news.

    That said, there is no way I am giving them up, even thought I am already starting to see the negative effects.
  5. I will live till I die! Heels!!!
  6. aspoint_girl, I hate to disappoint you.... you said "scare YOUNG" women, so I guess you are young and it is still early for these foot problems to come out. I have a couple of friends who are in their 40s who had their feet operated on because of problems brought about by wearing heels. I guess what monicaM said is right, everything in moderation.
  7. AMEN!!!!
  8. The article doesn't say not to wear heels, it just says what might happen when you wear them too much. I didn't see anywhere in the article where it tells people what to do. If a woman wants to wear heels, I doubt articles like this are going to stop her. I think the article talks about potential risks that are common knowledge at this point. I like to wear heels, but flats are nice too!
  9. Where's Shimma? :lol:
  10. Sorry, I was busy advising some young people interested in the most lucrative medical careers that podriatry, neurology, and orthopedics were among their best bets in the 20-year forecast...:devil:
  11. Nothing new, but absolutely true.

    High, pointed shoes ARE bad for your feet (and body in general) and if worn too often will cause bunions, hammer toes and other problems.

    I know, I wore high heels in my teens and within a matter of months (NOT years), developed hammer toes.

    All four of my great aunts had painful bunions from wearing pointed toed shoes.

    Luckily, I escaped that fate, because I came to my senses just in time and moderated my footwear; from my early 20s, when I wanted to wear a pointed toe and a heel, I made sure to choose supersoft leather, or suede and didn't wear them every day.

    TBH, I think encouraging young women to wear uncomfortable shoes, that are proven to cause foot and other problems, is far more of a worry than trying to discourage them, aspoint_girl.