Another Article in the Daily Mail about fakes !READ!

  1. Ok this article i found rude.
    Almost everyday the Daily Mail have a new article about fakes.
    Theres one particular paragraph that made me go :wtf:
    "It's as if we have come full circle, with those who pay full whack for a designer item becoming the ones to be sneered at."
    ^ Heres the full article, I would love to hear what you purse lovers out there think of this article.
  2. This article is more than rude, it is very disturbing. :cursing: It is based on several faulty assumptions and some of the reasoning is quite flawed. Take this quote for example,
    "Here is a business that spends billions trying to persuade us that their trinkets can transform our lives, when the simple truth is that they do no such thing. "
    How does this change if you are buying fake? I mean if luxury goods were not important to her than why buy more than one purse? I would also ask how this is different from any other industry (e.g, cars, jewellry, electronics.)? Yes we have become a society that values are "trinkets" One could question why, but to buy fake doesn't make her obsessions more moral.

    I also disagree with her reasoning that fake is just as well made. I have handled my share of fakes and this is simply not true. They are shoddily made with inferior products and poor workmanship. Why not buy cheaper brands that are made with integrity (i.e., Roots, Van Zealand, Guess)?

    Finally and the most disturbing :cursing:is that the money from the selling of fakes can be compared to designers ripping off comsumers. Consumers always have a choice of whether to spend their money or not. This is not the same as using money for funding drugs, crime and terrorism.

    Bottom line. This article was written by someone who loves to own designer goods, is not willing to pay for them and is trying to justify her poor decisions. I am sorry for being so long winded but I can't remember the last time I have been this ticked off at an article.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am anxious to read other people's reactions.

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  3. ^ Thank you for your opinion!
    I agree this article is very rude.
    She seems oblivious to the fact the money funds crime and child labour!
    I feel like contacting the person that wrote this article since i found her blog..
  4. I'm glad you posted the article, it is definately an interesting one. I agree with sarah2808 that the most disturbing part is where she compares funding illegal organizations to the money designers make. No one is saying that luxury goods aren't overpriced to some degree but if people are willing to pay for what they want then that's how things will stay, basic economic principle of supply and demand.
    The point in the article about the Gucci shirt somewhat negates the point of the article. If they don't care about designer goods then why search out the fakes in the first place. If they didn't care they wouldn't be trying to buy replicas, obviously they are trying to project an image they seem to be trying to reject at the same time. Hopefully that came out how I was trying to say it!
  5. What I'm getting from this is that she wants the designer items, but can't pay for them. She has no shame at all.
    She & all the people who think like her should really just go on & spend the money they can afford on Guess & van Zeeland, which are nice purses for the prices.
  6. Sigh...................
  7. I think this article is pure crap. She thinks that she's so smart because she can't afford to spend a small fortune and justifies supporting the black market by saying that the designers rip consumers off. Immoral? Yes. Because she ADMITS that buying fakes supports these gangs. Buying fakes with designer's logos and names is theft of the designer's creativity. Rather, she never addresses why people without the means to support luxury should buy fakes rather than honestly made cheaper brands.
  8. There's a moral here.... don't read the Daily Mail, it's a fake newspaper ;)
  9. They had some strange articles. I scrolled down the page saw one about Britney throwing up on a Gucci dress during a photo shoot, and another about Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes not tipping a waitress.
  10. Fakes don't bother me so much as the certain types of people who buy them. This woman disguises her jealousy of those who can afford expensive handbags behind this "I'm smarter than you!" facade, but she doesn't what she's doing is painting herself as a cheaper version of the very people she despises. She is horribly materialistic and doesn't seem to realize that, for every heiress or socialite, there's also some hard-working women who save their money to buy the bags they love.
  11. I think that article's stance is immoral, she's basically saying it's ok to counterfeit. It's illegal regardless of what the fake is.
  12. Not only doesen't she consider that this may fund child labour and crime, but she does enither consider that there is no actual control on the product, you never really know what it's made of. Too bad for her when her dog chews on her "vachetta" and dies. Everyone who knows the incident with the fake Colgate should avoid everything fake.
  13. I noticed that she draws the line at stupid is that?!!! Also, I noticed she didn't get a FAKE diamond though did she?

  14. this is downright disturbing.
    "It was the moment I realised the luxury goods industry is a giant buying conspiracy." Like the counterfeits industry isnt?

    "Far from being trendsetters, this ultra-wealthy lot are seen in stylish circles as the very height of vulgarity: so much money, so little taste." If it's so little taste why is she proud to fake it

    She just doesn't get that rather that looking smarter, she looks cheap, fake and desperate. Trying to hide it behind the "I dont care enough about luxury items to pay for the real thing" is total ********. Someone who didn't care wouldnt be searching for fakes.

    This is just soooo messed up on so many levels
  15. You are right on the money! :tup: