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  1. Hey, I just need to get this straight. I've have my LV (Speedy 25) for about 1 month and my dirty grubby hands are making it somewhat dirty on the under side of the handles what should I do:

    a) Can I use Apple leather cleaner? Will it darken the handles? Will it clean the leather? Will it leave water marks?
    b) Can I use Apple leather protector to protect against dirt? Will it darken the handles? Leave water marks?
    c) Can I use Apple Guarde rain and stain repellent? Will it actually protect against the water spots and stains? Will it darken the leather quicker?

    Can any of these products actually protect the body of the handbag?
    I am so sorry for all of these questions, just want to protect my investment while keep off stains, water and my dirty grubby hands.
    I'm from Canada... we get an abundance of rain and snow and just about everything else.
    Thanks everyone who answers.
  2. Do you have a Mono Speedy? If so, the body of the bag (vinyl coated canvas) is waterproof already, you needn't worry about it.

    If you've only had it for a month, I don't think I would worry about the undersides of the handles. The cleaner will remove the grubbiness, but it might darken the leather a bit. The Apple Garde spray DOES protect against water spots, I use it on my bags and it does a great job. It will not accelerate the patina, but it will darken it a teeny bit after application. I hear that the Shining Monkey does not, but I haven't tried that one.

    Some folks here have also had success with using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove grime, but it kind of dries out the leather, so you'll need to moisturize it afterwards.
  3. Heard it works great on LV's
  4. Definitely use the applegarde spray to protect your bag, but you can also use the conditioner to remove dirt periodically. Dont use apple cleaner on vachetta. Just the conditioner.
  5. I have a 40 MONOGRAM.. I have had my bag about 3 weeks and can notice lil dirty spots.... so as far as the apple care what should i purchase? I was thinking a cleaner and a conditioner.. I could care less about it patina'ing ...that actually might be better so i dont feel like im trying to keep a starch white napkin flwalessly clean.. Please tell me wht to buy from apple care... and the regimen :smile: THANKS BUNCHES TPF..... u folks rock! :yahoo:
  6. I have a question as well...How often do you spray the vachetta? I sprayed Kiwi Protect all on my Trouville like 3 days ago but then the handle got dirty so I cleaned it with Mr Magic Eraser & then sprayed it again.

    Where can I get Apple leather beside I don't like paying online & shipping.
  7. Have you tried them?
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