Another Anthracite First on tPF!

  1. It was always my initial plan to get an Anthrafirst when i saw the little swatches but then kind of went off the idea.. but when i started seeing everyone's gorgeous bags it made me go for it!

    I was looking for a bag that was a more unique alternative to black and this is definitely it! I was also worried about the size (i have two City's) but it's really perfect! It's such a pretty darrkkk grey with jewel toned blueish green undertones. :love:

    Pics! Excuse my legs and whatnot in the third one, the color is just very TTL in that one and i figured we're mostly all chicks here so no biggie;)


    anthracite.jpg anthracite2.jpg anthracite3.jpg
  2. :yahoo: Very cute! I definitely see more blue on yours...while others have more green. I need to see Anthracite in person, :confused1:
  3. Congrats and i am happy that you like the color.:yahoo:
  4. congrats! your anthracite first is a beauty.
  5. yes, mine is definitely a little more on the blue side, but it changes fairly drastically in the light.. It's really quite beautiful :yes:
  6. Love the richness of this color! Congratulations!!!
  7. What a beautiful bag. Congratulations.
  8. Congrats! Your bag is gorgeous. Of all the anthracite pics. I've seen, I like the color the best in these (since I'm such a blue fan).
  9. Wow congrats!
    It's beautiful~

    Yours is how I originally imagined Anthracite would be!!
    Wear it well!!!!
  10. very nice! congrats!!
  11. yes, your bag looks more like mine - I would actually call the color "slate"
    It's georgeous!
  12. Oooh congrats!! that is a LOVELY color :biggrin:!!
    May you wear it in good health:heart:
  13. Right on the money! I love Anthracite!
  14. wow, thanks guys! Now i really feel like i got picked a good one of the batch!:wlae:

    I took a pic of my current family as of now too just for fun.. plus, it's kind of nice to see it against other more familar colors!



    Rouge Vif City, Vert D'eau City, and Anthracite First! I:heart:my little family!
    bbagfamily!.jpg bbagfamily!2.jpg
  15. wow, i love the first in anthracite! ENJOY it-- it is beautifuL! and a more edgier alternative to black! :love: