Another annoying cleaning question

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  1. I got a little legacy bag in the mail today and the beautiful legacy lining has lipstick or something on it...I've tried the Tide pen and baby wipes and it did absolutely NOTHING! what else can I do?
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    Last edited: Jul 28, 2009
    Pull out the lining to work with it. Put a little rubbing alchohol or ammonia on the lipstick stain, making sure that you've blotted it with a paper towel first to remove excess lipstick. Then let it soak the stain but do not let it dry. Then get a bar of white soap such as ivory soap and put it on a white, damp washrag and try to wash the stain out by blotting, trying not to rub the lipstick stain around any worse than it is. Get the other end of the washcloth wet with just water and rinse. Repeat if necessary. I hope this works.
  3. I feel like such a dork when I say this, but seriously, try Grandma's Secret Spot Remover. They have it at Joann's, Hancock Fabrics, even bed bath and beyond. It's one of those cheesy little items at the checkout counter but it WORKS. Got the horrible ink stain out of my parker hippie lining. It even says it works on make up :smile: And it's only like $3.99 pfft!

    The instructions on the bottle say to launder the item after letting it sit for 5-10 minutes, and you can't toss a leather purse in the washing machine. So instead I just rubbed at it with q-tips and cotton balls a while and let it for several minutes. Use warm water to "soak" the area and sponge it up. This helps you remove all the Grandma's stuff (with the stain) before reapplying. It took several repeats over about 30 minutes or so (in between scrubbings I would apple a bag lol!) but it completely and totally removed the stain.

  4. OMG...I just went at it with rubbing alcohol, a dove beauty bar, a q-tip, my finger nail and some good ole elbow grease and I'll be damned..IT WORKED! Now I wish I would have taken a before was really bad. There was no way I was going to carry the bag b/c it was far worse then they disclosed in the auction but I thought I can't do anything worse to it so I just went at it! It's not 100% but it really worked where I needed it to. Plus it helped with the funky smell. LOL now I just need to get some apple and this little bag will be well worth the $40 I spent.

    Thank you so much...OOPS and Conchenn...I do plan on going and getting some of that grandmaws secret stuff b/c I've heard about it before this...but I figured I would use what I had a home anyway...Thanks SOOOOOO much!
  5. Here are pics from the auction...they left out pictures from the inside of the pockets and down the side of the was everywhere...


  6. Woot! I'm glad you got it clean! You should ding the seller for that. Totally asshat move not disclosing such awful stains!
  7. Whats really they shipped the bag before I even paid for it. I got a package today and was like WTH is this? I'm not expecting anything...and there it was. I was like HOLY Shiat! then when I looked at the inside I was really like HOLY Shiat! LMAO!
  8. Wtf? They must be on crack or something to send you the bag BEFORE you paid. I have NEVER heard of that. Weird :huh:
  9. My thoughts exactly! LMAO!
  10. Nina_B you need to show us the rest of that great bag....
  11. What was I thinking? How tacky right! let me take some good pics and I will post them shortly!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Here are pics of the inside where I cleaned! It's not 100% but its about 95% better then it was! I really am kicking myself for not taking a before pic! The inside of the pocket in the second pic was HORRIBLE!

  14. Wow that looks really good! And a cute bag to boot :smile:
  15. Nina_B, I am SO HAPPY it worked for you what I suggested! Thanks for letting me know that it worked. Lipstick is oily and I guess the alcohol releases the oily stain. Yay!!
    That seller should have disclosed that, I would ask for $10 back. Don't tell her you got the stain out. hehe