Another Al-Qaeda tape

  1. I suppose I am the only one sick of this. Last night on one of those entertainment news shows, they said there was another tape found. Apparently some man who name sounds a lot like Abracadabra was on the tape saying really mean and threatening things about the US. Bush seems to feel the country should be aware that a terrorist attack may occur in the future. And with 9/11 anniversary only a few days away, the country should be on high alert.

    Forgive me if I don't care.

    1. Bush's comments about future terrorist attacks are not news. I mean duh. Something might happen in the future. That's like me saying a hurricane might occur in the future.
    2. Every year some mysterious videotape surfaces. We are told what they are saying in the tape and that it is threatening. Here's the issue with that: I dont speak that language so I don't know WHAT they really are saying. The media and government translators could be telling me anything...How do I know that guy wasn't filming some kind of home movie with his friends? And even if I did speak that language, the media turns down the volume so you STILL can't hear what he's saying.
    3. In the past, when Al-Qaeda wanted to attack, they did just that...and didn't need to leave a trail of videos warning of their attack. I think they would probably stick with that method.

    The bottom line is that I hate how the government always uses 9/11 as a way of frighetning people. Its twisted.
  2. I won't get into my feelings about the current administration here. The question isn't IF we are going to have another attack, but WHEN. I think everyone knows this is inevitable. So... I suppose they are damned if they do release tapes of this nature and damned if they don't. I personally do not give much thought to these things. The reason is because I have to live my own life and there are enough things in modern life to be afraid of as it is. I have to be able to get through each day and try to be a good person for my family and others. I am a firm believer that good always triumphs over evil. It is a law of the universe and it has been this way since the beginning of time.
  3. I believe if the tapes didn't say what the gov says it does, the muslim community here would be in an uproar. Its not like Al Jazeera is not available to people here in the states via the internet so the statements can be corroborated. That said, it is as if the country has turned into a "Batman" t.v. episode. Osama is "The Joker" who keeps sending video tapes clandestinely that end up at the White House and Bush is like Commisioner Gordon. The only thing missing is Batman.
  4. I don't think these tapes are all readily avaliable on the Internet. And I think its suspicious how they pop up at times when the government wants to frighten people and has a hidden agenda. And as I said, the tapes aren't loud enough for anyone to hear what they are saying. So the Muslim community can't be in too much of an uproar if no one can hear what they are saying.
  5. Al Jazeera itself controls what is shown on their website. The tapes are also proudly displayed on websites from terrorist supporters. They are proud of what they say.

    and p.s. what the heck do you think they are saying? that they love America and everyone should go and visit someday?
  6. I totally agree with the 'damned if they do, damned if they don't'.

    If the government had tapes/information and did NOT release them...and then something happened...people would be complaining about a "cover-up".