Another agenda question

  1. I PROMISE-I looked in all the agenda threads, but I can't get a handle on what the little (3x4 inches or so) ones are-very plain, one hook, two pockets, and exterior pen loops. Are they the Vision? Why is this so hard for me? I can't figure out my Blackberry either.
  2. The PM size ?
  3. Yes I agree the PM size, the Vision is more like 4 x 6.
  4. liza- i think they're just called pm size with pen loops and double hook. i had the hardest time trying to figure out what was what too because a lot of the agendas don't have official names as far as i know. i could be wrong but i know when i was looking for one i was soooo confused.
  5. Yes they do.... I was shown those last December as I was looking for presents.. you also have a zippered up version. For the PM there are 2 different refills. One where the week is divided per 2 pages and one where every day is a page (every 3 months you will need to replace).
  6. Thank you so much. I wish Hermes would come to Montana.
  7. you are always welcome :smile: I wished I had a Hermes close by as well too