another abroad question here!

  1. For those who have been to the UK, in specific London.... How much money a day did you use about? (I am going to be doing most of cheap if not free sightseeing) I have myself at 125 pounds per day. For some reason I dont think that will be enough, maybe its just me overreacting!
  2. Does that include lodging? Because if it does, that is really low....Hotels are pretty expensive in London. Otherwise, you can totally get by on 125 pounds per day in London. Museums are free. Get an oyster card and you don't pay more than 4.90 pounds for the train and buses.
  3. I think it depends. If you're under 25, you can go the hostel route (find a nice one though). I studied abroad 2 years ago in England, and I think 125 pounds was more than I spent on an average day visiting London. Seeing the sites isn't all that expensive (I think except for the Tower of London and the Globe). If you eat inexpensively, you should be fine (assuming that's not including hotels, or you stay in hostels)!