Another 30% + Free Shipping Hayden-Harnett!!

  1. This is a code taken from their myspace page:

    Hi guys & dolls. Thanks for being loyal myspace friends and friends in
    general for so long! Hayden-Harnett is officially two years old. We're
    excited to be able to offer you all 30% off and free shipping for the
    next ten days, with code FRIENDSNFAM. Feel free to share the code with
    your MySpace friends and family.
  2. Thanks for letting us know! If I regret not getting anything during the Mom's Day sale it's nice to know I still have this option.
  3. You're welcome! I think this is great because the other offer just ended!
  4. ARRRGGGGHHH! HH will be the death of me! NO NO NO. NO. NO. UH HUH. NO. ::slaps self:: STOP IT STOP IT!
  5. Thanks sooo much! I debated and debated and debated for so long (even after buying 4 purses just over the weekend!) about 2 purses that I managed to miss the deadline and was kicking myself for the past 2 days. You are a godsend!
  6. OK, OK. I've recovered. HH has a number of bags on sale now, but using the code gets you free shipping anyway - I've ordered the black Inka so that now rounds out my Inka collection. It was far better to give in than to fight it! Less stress that way! Side note to jandelvis: You are truly a professional enabler:roflmfao:
  7. Yeah, it looks like they keep adding more and more items to the sale items category and the prices are getting better!!
  8. Yay- thanks for this...I was one who also regretted not buying during the last offer! Confused, it an additional 30% off sale items too, or are they already marked as low as they get?
  9. I tried the code, and you don't get an additional 30% off, but you get free shipping.
  10. Last time the 30% did work on the sale items, they may not want it to work, but it did work.

    This is what I do: pretend you're checking out and type in the code, but don't pay. When you go back and look at the rest of the site the discount will be applied to each item.

  11. it is indeed coming out soon! check out this thread!

  12. that's the little trick i do as well, but this time it isn't working on many of the sale items... i haven't figured out the pattern of why it works on some and not others. it seems to work on many of the mercers, but not the Nicos, nor the Inkas. regardless, it WILL give you free shipping on anything even if it doesn't take the 30% off...
  13. i tried but the 30% only works on regular price items....
  14. Well, I guess if they're getting smarter at website management that's overall a good thing for us, no?