Another 140 as comfy as Altadama/ Catenita?

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  1. Hi CL experts... I would like to ask for your advice... In my hopeless search for another pair of altadama in my size, may I ask if CL ever made another 140 as comfy as Altadama? I bought the brown suede guerriere recently and they are just not as comfortable as Catenita, which I worn once for 6 hours and still be able to walk the next day... So I wonder, besides altadama (which I can't find in nude), what other options do I have for day time?

  2. miss clichy alti pump and declics all come in 140s and both come in nude i find them all comfortable... but some girls dont....ooh and no barres i hear are very comforable and are 140s as well but i dnt have those so i cant say =(
  3. The Pilot is 140 and they are really comfy.
  4. Thank you babysweettums! I have tried the declics but I think the arch doesn't suit me. I will certainly check out clichy though! :idea:

    laureenthemean: I've actually never seen pilot in stores for some reasons... Mmmm I will check out some pix right now. Thank you!
  5. I see the CL US online store still has sizes 40.5-42.......have you called the stores to see if they have your size? There's a new store in Dallas (only 2 weeks old); maybe they have some?

    Good luck shopping!
  6. ^ I am 37.5, and apparently Dallas store sold out too. <sigh> I didn't realize how popular they are until I start looking for them. :sad:
  7. The Pilot was a Neiman Marcus exclusive. They are a few seasons old so you might have to resort to ebay if you're interested.
  8. The Pilot are a closed toe D'orsay with an ankle strap.
  9. ^ thanks for all your advice! I am a little bit confused, as sometimes double platform is only about 20mm, whereas some are 40mm... Is there a standard? TIA!
  10. The Orlan is also very comfy. They're a few seasons old as well, but the outnet sale a couple weeks ago did have them.