Another 10% voucher for Bicester!

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  1. Morning ladies. Title says it all really :smile:

    In todays YOU magazine (Mail on Sunday) there's a competition to win a £5000 shopping spree at Bicester. Okay, more realistically, it also includes another 10% deal - valid until 1st June. Thought it might be useful for anyone who missed out on the Grazia voucher :flowers:
  2. Great Thanks !!

    Might enter the Competition also !
  3. There's another one in Grazia magazine too valid to 1st June - they are also having a Grazia Day at Bicester on 1st May (with a coach going from central London). To book tickets you have to email
  4. I got both the Grazia ones,there is a member coming along who frequents the Hermes forum,she is just lovely,she's called mooks,so I have the other one for her!!!

    Its going to be such a great day!! Next year we'll get our transatlantic ladies over too!!!!
  5. oooh- need to go and buy a paper!
  6. There's a Bicester voucher in this week's Grazia too, I now have three :biggrin: I'll definitely bring them to the meet with me if I can make it.

  7. oooh- if you have a spare i wouldn't say no!!!!!:graucho:
  8. Just a little reminder that the voucher only works in Mulberry on a minimum spend of £100, up to a maximum discount of 50%. So anything that's already 50% off won't be further reduced.
  9. I have spent all day trawling the shop`s for a bloody Mail !!!

    Everyone in the whole of Norwich must read it and get up at 6 am

    to buy it !!!

    I have just sent DH out to get me one from somewhere :P

    He`s such a love that he will not come back until he has one !!
  10. Oh no Tara!! Mind you, I've heard they're a funny bunch in Norwich *ducks*

    What a sweet DH though. Could you call him and change the order to Grazia??
  11. Awesome!

  12. Ha,ha,ha !!

    Takes all sort`s :P

    Say this slowly.


    did you get it !!!!
  13. Oh yes!
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. ^^^^ You don`t want to hear what they say about people from Bath :nuts::nuts: