Another '06 Rouge Vif City

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  1. i really want a rouge vif but i don't want to pay $1400~
  2. Aloha rag has them listed on their website...try them, no tax.:yes:
  3. Yeh....high price! Also, I know this is an MPRS, but I'm not 100% convinced that this one is authentic. The tag looks off to me.
  4. hippiechic,
    I agree - the leather looks strange and uniform.
  5. ^^ it looks very different than my 06 rouge vif (which I bought at Neimans) but I wonder if that might just be poor camera quality?
  6. The photo does look rather grainy...
  7. Yes... the pictures look weird can't get a clear image. Also why do the pictures say italy station and her ID is LVauthentic?
  8. What about the stamp? I've never seen a bag with 6 numbers stamped after the style number. I've only seen ones with 4. Has anyone seen bags with 6?
  9. Auctions that use stock photos make me uncomfortable.
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