Another 05 Turquoise City

  1. This bag had a BIN of $1750, but it went away because someone bid. The way they other bag is going, it might have been wise to BIN.
  2. I know. I was looking at it for an hour before I even posted about it. I didn't bid on it! But I'll bet someone here did... :smile:
  3. Wow it's beautiful! Go for it girls! I'm looking for a first in this colour... =)
  4. Gorgeous!! It's absoultely beautiful I just wanna hug it and squeeze it!!!
  5. wahooooo!!!!!
    love the slouchy leather :p
  6. the leather looks soooo nice!
  7. I LOVE this color !!! Hope someone here gets it !!
  8. I would have done the BIN if I had seen the bag before someone bid on it! I hope that someone here gets it too!:yes:
  9. Beautiful...
  10. I am thinking that having this second bag available will divert some of the interest in the other one. Interesting to see what they both go for! :nuts:
  11. :confused1: Yes I agree, now that there are two, maybe neither will get to totally outrageous prices. The frenzy on them is probably going to produce more in the next couple of weeks, and then the prices will really probably come down!
  12. This color is just BEAUTIFUL!:love:
  13. Well, it passed the original BIN price.
  14. And the listing has ended... somebody talked her into ending early? Was it a PFer? Fess up ladies, who got this gorgeous bag? Congrats!