Another 05 Turquiose!!! SB 1475!!!!!!!

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  1. Ohhhhh WOW - that is TDF! But really expensive...
  2. Gorgeous bag! Isn't this from a pfer?
  3. OMG!!! Beautiful... love the seller too. =)
  4. aaaahhhh im so inlove w/ this bag....i want /like it.....:love: :sweatdrop:
  5. It is a beauty!!! Even I am tempted to bid and it's not pink.
  6. wow! loooks exactly like mine!!!
  7. SOOOOO pretty!!! This is my ultimate dream bbag - but the price..

    The SB is high, no? Or am I wrong and I should be expecting to pay at least this much? :shrugs:

  8. This is my absolute dream bbag too, colour and size. But the prize is killing me. Will wait to own it one day. I just won my ultimate dream MJ bag, the taupe stam, 2 days ago and will live on that high for now. Sorry know it is a b forum but just wanted to share my joy.:yahoo:
  9. It's just GOOOOORGEOUS :drool: - I got mine yesterday and I L:heart: :heart: :heart: VE it :yahoo: :love: !!!

    Thank you kimmi..... for posting :flowers:
  10. for that condition? it looks pristine to me, the price is ok.
  11. gorgeous color! good luck on your sale, odd!
  12. What do you guys think of the handles? Are they actually darkened or the picture shows it differently?
  13. it is hard to tell, it looks like it IS darker, but it could be just the flash fading off at the top of the bag. she doesn't say that it is any darker, just excellent condition. I'd ask for a close up of the handles.
  14. :drool:
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