another 05 black city BIN $1199

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  1. i'm thinking about making an offer, but have asked for more pictures. my sister in law was looking to either get a black 05 or earlier city or a BI city. her first love is the black but the BI is second. should i make an offer?
  2. ^i think you should make an offer if her first love is the black. you can't go wrong with 05 leather usually!
  3. I want that eggplant city she has pictured at the bottom!!!!
  4. Ahhhh... I put in an offer and she counteroffered me. :Push: Someone get this bag and end my misery! :hysteric: I can't buy anymore bags this year. :sweatdrop:

    Btw, she wants $1000 USD.
  5. i would make her an offer, but i just got a BI City for the sister in law...
    only if i needed another 05 black city.
  6. I really want an 05 black city but with purchasing 2 bags in less than 6 weeks I must resist the temptation..
  7. that's the one I wanted, but afraid of the shipping to the US
  8. I've purchased from her before with no problems. She just accepted my offer on a caramel First she had up, but I only offered $90 less than her BIN so maybe that's why she accepted.:shrugs:
  9. I have been eyeing this auction for a long time (its been relisted quite a few times) already. however, slightly OT, i already have a black day, would it be weird to have 2 black bbags with all the other great colors out there?
  10. rmarie... i would think it's weird to have 2 black bags!!... it's 2 different styles! If i could i would like to own a black in every style haha ^_^
  11. Her shipping cost to USA is $50 and that's why I decided to wait and buy a new 07 black City from BNY in March instead. With an extra $150, I can get myself a new bag. :graucho: