Another '05 Apple Green City

  1. the color is gorgeous!!
  2. I would jump all over this except the corners are too worn for me. Awesome seller, incredibly sweet. I have bought from her before. I wish the Phillipines had Paypal. It cost me $90.00 to Western Union payment to her.
  3. :yahoo:
  4. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yhassan!!!:wlae: :yahoo:
  5. I agree ... Western Union is NOT a preferable way of payment here in the States. I have an existing W/U problem right now ... :cursing:
  6. Thank you! It is bitter sweet though as I now must sell my very first bbag (apple first), the one that first got me addicted!
  7. Woah congratulations sweetie! LOVE the apple green colour! =)
  8. congrats, yhassan and amour! what a great deal!:wlae: i love this color. i have an apple green first too. would love it in a work or weekender!:graucho:
  9. Thanks everyone! I have a quick question though, can you fit a notebook in the city? The measurements seem ok on the naff site but I was thinking the opening of the bag might be too small. does anyone know?
  10. don't worry yhassan, i can even fit my A4 sketchbook in my city :P
  11. yhassan, you can fit a notebook into a city as long is it's flexible and not too thick... otherwise, the bag will look squarish. the zipper unzips all the way across the hanging flaps so the opening is quite large. i love the hanging flaps on the city because it makes the tassels look longer. enjoy your bag!
  12. Thanks so much ladies!! I'm even more excited for my bag now!!
  13. Yay Yhassan and Amour! :yahoo: Congrats! Yep, notebooks fit great in the city! :yes: