Another '04 White City $749.99!! BIN or BO Hurry!

  1. ahhh its gorgeous!!!
  2. oooh nice!! and good deal!!
  3. thank you ladies!;)
  4. beautiful.... :drool:
  5. WOW! Amour, that is one awesome bag. Too bad I already have an 04 white (but with brass hardware), coz I'd be all over this.:drool:
  6. Do you guys think this is worth the money? Can the bottom edge be repaired?

  7. ^This is a great price IMO. If I didn't have one already we wouldn't be having this discussion, I'd have bought it already :yes:. I wouldn't even try to repair the bottom. It doesn't bother me at all. The bag's in great shape for a vintage. My 04 white is in way worse shape. I carried it to work today and got nothing by oohs and aaahs, even though mine looks pretty beat up. I love this bag!
  8. I was just about to hit the BIN button and I looked up and saw that it was ended already..:sad:

  9. ^bummer, luvmychanel, I was pulling for you:sad: . At least I don't have to obssess over it any more. I was seriously considering buying this one too, ending up with TWO 04 white cities!
  10. someone BIN'd the bag but hasn't emailed me yet..i dont know if she's a PFer though:sweatdrop:
  11. I think ebay says that a buyer has 3 business days to make contact with a seller regardless of what the auction states, so hang in there I'm sure she will be in touch. Congrats Amour! I bought my Magenta Purse from you and it is soooo incredible. I am so happy it didnt sell. That was an omen I was meant to keep her!
  12. OOOOH, no contact eh?

    Well, I'm here, I have a credit card and I'm not afraid to use it.

    So sorry if I'm not supposed to say anything like that.

  13. Alright, I'm going back to the Chanel section.....for now.

  14. I'm with you Deco! Great price for such a hard to find bag. If I didn't already have a white bbag with pewter hardware I would have bought it already too. :P Congrats to whoever got it!