another '04 turq. city, did someone here get it?

  1. omigosh, it went for $1700 (yowza :nuts:), it's b-bag mania alright!!!

    p.s. congrats MiMi-girl & congrats to the winner too!!!
  2. congrats, mims! i hope a PFer got it. it's beautiful and in great condition!
  3. Mimi!!!:shocked:

    WHAT ARE YOU BUYING/did you buy?!:lol:
  4. Wow MiMi congrats on the sale! Are you planning on a new purchase??
  5. it's me ladies.;) I think I need a 12 step program.:blink: help......
    YOWZA! is right. It's gorgeous and after being around here for couple of months, I think I am lucky to have gotten this beauty from the loving home it's coming from.:love:
    Thank you name is BellaFiore and I AM a BBagaholic!
  6. Hi BellaFiore....:smile:
  7. ^^ Congrats!! That bag is gorgeous!
  8. Congrats Bella and Mimi!!! From one loving home to another.. Aww, I love happy endings/new beginnings:smile:)
  9. congrats bella! the bag is gorgeous and it definitely came from a great home.
  10. thank you ladies. I can't wait to feel her up...........
    I don't think I've ever had a chance to say that before. :lol:
  11. ^^sorry, I'm sleep deprived. Late to bed and way too early to rise this AM. :huh:
  12. bella, congrats on your beauty!:yahoo: :yahoo:i don't think anyone on here can help you with your addiction because we're ALL addicted too.;)
  13. i blame it on peer pressure then:yes:
    Oh......don't twist my arm............that far.:P
  14. bela, congrats!!!!!!!!!we are all addicted "balified" addicts here!:heart: :heart: :heart:
    mimi, nice sale, girl , and what are we buying now????:graucho: :heart: :heart: :heart: