Anoraks this Spring

  1. Anyone getting an anorak for the spring? I've seen them quite a few places, but I'm in a warmer climate. If you are going for it, what cute ones have you found and what are you wearing it with?
  2. this is a bit irrelevant, but whenever i think of anoraks, i think of those nylonny things they sold at the gap like 8 years ago. you could fit the jacket into the front pouch of the jacket itself.
  3. ^^^ That's what I was thinking.....what is an anorak if it's not that?
  4. Ha, those sporty anoraks from the gap are a thing of the past. These days I've seen much cuter full zip up versions in cotton canvas or a more substantial nylon blend with minor hardware such as zippers, rivets and buttons that are a bit more sophisticated and do not simply fold up onto themselves like the anoraks of the 90s.

    I like this one from MK2K. It was on sale for $290 (!) but it is currently sold out on

    A little bit crazy, a little bit weird...but I like it.

    I want one similar to this to wear for spring with slim dark jeans and flats or cute sneakers for weekends and casual outings. It totally fits my style!
  5. P.S. Mooks, love your Murakami avatar! I had the opportunity to check out the exhibition at MOCA on a trip to L.A. back in October and it was the highlight of my year, maybe even my life :nuts:! So much fun and such an amazing talent.
  6. OMG you went!!! I'm sooooooooooo jealous. I keep missing his exhibitions :hysteric:What were the goodies like in the gift shop? I would have gone nuts in there!

    As for the coat, I would call that more of a parka....pretty cool though
  7. i really like the look of them! forever21 had a very nice one with embellishments on sale for like 20 bucks recently.. i'm assuming it's very poor quality though.
  8. Here are some of the others I've seen

    Laundry by Shelli Segal

    Kenneth Cole Reaction

  9. hahaha, yeah the gift shop was cool, there was this huge line just to get in the main one! There was also an entire LV Murakami mini-shop but I didn't even bother going in there because that is so beyond my means.

    Anyway the regular gift shop was cool - stickers, keychains, cell phone charms, figurines, stuffed toys/pillows, etc. I got a bunch of big postcards I plan on framing, and a pin that I've been wearing on my winter coat. :yahoo:
  10. *green with envy!* :greengrin:
  11. Oh geez, that looks just like one of my mom's jackets that are left over from the 80s. (Thankfully hers isn't shiny.) If she wasn't sleeping, I'd go tell her it's back in style. :supacool:

    I wear a coat that covers my butt all winter, so by spring I prefer something waist-length. Unless it's a trench coat, love 'em!
  12. I'm not getting one -- wasn't this a big trend last spring?