- 20% Off Dresses And Jackets

  1. you're the best! i just found the cutest mod jacket on this site, and my bf was like, you have to buy! it's not often that my bf approves of my shopping addiction:love:
  2. Wow...and to think.. I started not to post this one!! Hmmmm..if your bf approved of and even suggested that you buy it, perhaps you might want to clone him!! LOL!! Most of us have to sneak around to shop....but that could be because we do soooo much of it!:lol:
    I'm glad that you found something you like and now I need to take a look at this site. I usually post w/o even looking to see what a store has just to avoid the temptation.
  3. darn it - i tried to use this code, but it didn't work. i used TOUTIE to get 20% off my order, though. and this is the jacket (the back is just as cool as the front):


    my bf loves the beatles, and this has a certain st. pepper's lonely heart's club band air to it...i can see why he likes it :smile:
  4. The code may work only in lower case...on the newsletter, it appeared in both upper and lower case!:confused1:
  5. BTW..I absolutely love that jacket! Oh how I wish I was in my twenties again.