anone going to the Paris Sale from the UK?

  1. Hi! I was due to be on holiday this week, but my little one has got chicken pox so it is looking doubtful. Is anyone travelling from London to Paris? Do you fancy having a travelling companion?
  2. I think Sam (she's a woman) is going. She sometimes shows up here from time to time
  3. i'm going on the 10th, out on the 0730 eurostar (ouch :wtf: ) and back on the 2113 ;)

  4. I think you should take your child, pox marks and all, into the boutique. You will clear the place out in no time after they see her and make run for it. You will have your pick of all the merchandise!!! Whadya think?:p
  5. And take me along! I've had them once, and I cant get them again.:upsidedown:
  6. i had chicken pox twice :push: :lol:

    i don't think i'll get them a third time though!
  7. Hey Ladies, I just saw this post...I have a stab-in-the-dark request...PM me if you don't mind...I've just been dying to find this particular scarf luck in the US...just wanted to know if you found it in your travels...

    Thanks and happy TGV-ing!
  8. Is there a US sale soon? I am dying for a garden bag and heard they sometimes have them at the sale.