Ano cuff

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  1. I know these are pretty new but I'm sure a few of you lovely ladies have already invested in them- I want one but don't know what color to get. Does the leather on the lighter colored ones (potiron?) get dirty on the underside?
  2. You want the leather and not the horn right, GT?
  3. I prefer the horn Ano cuffs.
  4. I want a white leather one, and I have a red/horn one. Actually, I'm thinking of selling the horn one, as I really need a smaller size (now I sound like shopmom) and I'd rather the all-horn version.

    they have a poitron one at my store, SA wears them, and they DO discolour, but she wears them day-in day-out. She has a blue jean chien cuff that looks BLACK!!!!!! Seriously, I asked her what colour it was, because I didn't recognise it!

    To stop it from discolouring, you could give it a wipe with a baby wipe after each wear - that's what I do with my white leather cuffs.
  5. Oh K, Syd has the potiron leather Ano? Do they also have any horn ones?
  6. ^ I was thinking leather but we'll see... I also like that cute Hapi bracelet.
    Maybe I should get black?

    The baby wipe is a great idea!
  7. Whoa, there's a leather and horn version? Anyone have a photo? Did not know this! I am enjoying the lacquered/horn version in the dark red/horn and chartreuse/horn combos.
  8. ^ orchids, there is chartreuse/horn combo? Picture, please!! What was the price on this.
    Ever since I fell on my face over Kristie's new Bolide, I need something green!
  9. ^^Yeap, there is a chartreuse/horn combo! I think it's chartreuse since it's not the same as vert anis. There's a PM size one at my boutique yesterday.
  10. no horn, babe! I know you're after one, I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

    Leather they had (earlier this week): black, red, potiron.
  11. I know, I'm a green freak too!!!!

    They had a chartreuse PM Evelyn I was seriously eyeing off at my store........

    I'd love the green/horn ano - Bagg has one, it's beautiful!

    I asked her for pics once, if you do a search, you might find them...
  12. GT, the price on the chartreuse/horn Ano cuff in PM was $315. And it looks exactly like Baggs' in the link GF posted above--I'll post up another pic in a bit. Interesting though, on both Baggs and my green/horn cuff, the horn part doesn't have as much dark "striping" on the horn part when I compare it to the red one. I know it will vary from cuff to cuff, but if you do wind up getting one, be sure to look at a few to find the horn texture you like best. I did mine via phone so I didn't get to see what it looked like beforehand.
  13. ^ Kristie, you're awesome - thanks! I just need to get myself back over to H and try on a few.
  14. Thank you, orchids. I like the variegated/stripey look. I think... :smile:
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