Annual Dooney tent sale in Connecticut?

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  1. Has anyone heard if Dooney is doing their tent sale this year? I'd appreciate it if someone can tell me the when/where, etc. I emailed Dooney a week or so ago about it & have not received a response. I know it is usually in late November/early December in Connecticut, and I was thinking it could be god for Christmas shopping.
  2. Good thinking-it is usually in November! I remember seeing the ad in the newspaper last year so Im keeping an eye out.
  3. Hey, there! Where is this mysterious tent sale? I've never heard about it before. How good are the deals as compared to the outlets?
  4. OOO i'm interested too. anyone?
  5. I haven't gone before, so I can't really say just how good the deals are, but I recall reading about it here last year & people seemed pretty pleased. I can't compare it to outlet prices as there is no Dooney outlet near me, so I'm not familiar with the prices there. I believe it is held at or near their headquarters in Connecticut. For some reason I seem to remember it was in Stratford or Stamford.

    Glamgirl, will you please post here if you see any info?
  6. Enticing... more info please?
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    I live in Connecticut -- the sale is usually the first weekend in December. The sale is held in East Norwalk. Here is a link from last years sale which shows the location map:

    A coworker of mine is close friends with the Dooney family (Greenwich CT royalty lol), and I will ask her to find out when the sale is. When I find out, I will post it on the board.
  8. My mom has gone to it the past couple of years. I have been away at school so now that I'm done, I can finally go. Each year she's picked up a couple of things but she said there really isn't much difference between that and the outlets, except for the outrageous crowd
  9. it should be this month, hmm, I think.
  10. ^ I think the tent sale is waaaayyy better than the outlets. Basically, if theres any style they have put out in the past year, they'll have it. The discounts can be really good, and they go down even further on the last day. So basically, I go the first day to buy something that I love and don't think will last very long at the sale. Then I sometimes go back the last day to see if anything on clearance is something I like or could get for a christmas gift, etc.
  11. Thanks, gypsybiker! I'll be looking forward to hearing the details!
  12. I'll be monitering this thread as well. Great post!
  13. Thanks for the info, glamgirl. Let me ask your opinion...since I will only be able to go one day (taking the ferry from Long Island), would you recommend going the first day or the last? Is there much left by the last day?

  14. Any new news on the sale?
  15. :bump: