Annual cake decorating contest - website of winners


    This website has pics of the most amazing cakes.

    The annual Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show brings top cake decorating contestants from all over the world.

    Peruse the website for pics of amazing cakes. I think 2006 was the best year so the link above takes you straight there.
  2. I watched this on Food Network! They looked even better on tv!

    The funny thing is that they asked one of the people if they eat their cake when it's over and they were like "NOoooo!!!:shocked: :s" But I was watching it, going "Man, these cakes look TASTY. Slice me up a piece of that!"
  3. Beautiful! Have you ever been on I could literally spend hours and hours on that website.
  4. I love also. So many great recipes and tips!
  5. I was watching this on the Food Network over the weekend. What happens to all the cakes after the contest? Who eats all the cakes? How can one volunteer?
  6. I remember watching a wedding cake competition on the Food Network, and one of the judges is familiar with botany. If the flowers on a cake are supposed to look realistic but somehow don't (too many petals, wrong color . . . ) the judges will deduct points.
  7. Those cakes are beautiful!
  8. Lovely! ...and I want cake now.
  9. I'm a member of the forum too! I found my best icing recipe from it.
  10. I can see why these cakes won! Beautiful! How do the bakers even think up these pretty creations let alone make them?;)
  11. Oooh so pretty. I wouldn't have the patience to make one of those. Amazing work!!
  12. They don't eat them :nogood:

    They said can't bring themselves to do it, because it's like eating their baby, their precious artwork. My mom and were talking about this though... We were like "What, do they let them rot and then throw them out?! That's waaay worse!" A lot of people have a problem eating/ destroying something beautiful. I'm not one of those people :p
  13. OMG I loooooooooooooooooooooove cakes!! Esp. Japanese ones because they frosting and cream is always light and isn't too sweet. YUM! :p
  14. Beautiful!!
  15. I just saw this event on the Food Network as well... it was really fun. I like the 2006 winner and the steps on the cake. Very creative!