Annual Awards

  1. Since we're getting tothe endof the year, I would like to make some nominations for the Hermes Forum Annual Awards:

    Best Enabling 2006: Shopmom411

    Best Styling: Japster, for my wonderful avatar outfit

    Best scarf Thread Title: Hi Heels, for:"so thick, so juicy - my first"

    Best at sticking to a Theme: Kou, for not wavering on the fuschia.

    Funniest Comments, general: Lilach, especially in Kellybags' "Feed Me Chevre" thread, and Crochetbellas "DH loves Evelyn" thread.

    feel free to add your nominations!
  2. Best Photos: 24, Faubourg

    Best Beaver: Japster
  3. LOL, great thread ! I just saw your avatar :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. Most Popular Bag, 2006:The Himalaya.

    Best Name, scarf::Escharpe Tweedee

    Best contribution to the eBay thread: Japster
  5. Most unusual item bought: Lolo/Shopmom and The Whip
  6. Fastest growing collection: Baggs, from zero to hero!
  7. ^yeah!
  8. Most vastest encyclopedic knowledge (and not too proud to share it generously): HG
  9. Best Drool-worthy Pic:

  10. Best opinion surveys: Kou
  11. Best weekly blog: LaVan
  12. Best Hermes Screenplay: The Adventures of Captain Jacques and the Big Birkin - gina_b


    Best Documentary: "run, kelly, run" - the truth behind the waffle Kelly, Himalaya and other H horrors - bete_noire
  13. Best use of color in her Hermes bag collection: Orchids
    Best Hermes Horse saddle collection: Dressage
    Most deserving of a Free Birkin without having to date Mr. Lau: Hiheels & Jag
  14. Best Avatar- GF
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