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  1. Kind of a cool consignment shop I came across in the back of my latest issue of Town and Country...some cute LV bags!
  2. Thanks for sharing, Sunshine!

    I love "Town and Country." I want my wedding photos in there.:worried: :shame:
  3. There is a hermes kelly on there for 2,100. cheap cheap
  4. Thanks, Sunshine! I bookmarked this site. There is a paddington on there for $1250, looks to be in good condition. It's the dark red (grenat?) color, which I don't think is around anymore. There is also a sky blue Balenciaga City :love:
  5. Great site! Thank you!
  6. THere is a nice speedy 25 ...for cheap!!!!
  7. Nice site! I'm browsing! LOL!
  8. Great price on the Multicolor alma, only 700 hundred. thats a pretty good price for a mc. too bad i don't like the mc line...

  9. GIRL WHAT! I need to buy you a handbag for this info.:biggrin:
  10. Thanks sunshine! I'm always on the lookout for good consignment deals!
  11. She has a MC alma for $716....hmmm.....
  12. Does her stuff look good? Authentic?
  13. She said all their stuff is verified authentic before listing for sale. All the LV looks good to me. Fabulous site!
  14. Nice site. The Botkier Clyde she has is only $382.
  15. I know it sounds snobby...but if its in Town and Country I trust its the real thing!