Ann's fabulous finds...

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  1. Ann's Fabulous Finds (Ann's Fabulous Finds) -not sure where to post this, I know she sells authentic items. question, does anyone know if she has a store front?

    Or is it just online only?

    I know she is out of Bingham Farms, MI.

    ...and also, do her prices already include shipping or is it extra?

  2. Online only and i believe shipping is included in the price. I think she has a FAQ page that will answer most of your questions. She's great to work with!!
  3. I just bought an LV from her...she's great to work with bag is nearly brand new....I couldn't be happier....I bought the LV Houston in blue that is on her website now....I owned it before ....sold it....and had been mourning the loss...
  4. For any additional info on Ann's Fab. Jag...she can answer and will help you out.
  5. I turned my friend on to her site as I had read about it in this forum and she loves bags, too. She actually called her and spoke to her about her business and such. I believe she operates out of her home and gets her merchandise through friends and various connections that she's made. Very nice lady!!
  6. I've ordered from Ann. She was really lovely. I check her site on almost a daily basis
  7. interesting. her prices are high compared to Lt, no? then again, none of the items seemed to show any damage either. they looked almost, if not, new.

    thanks for the link to a new auth seller!
  8. What is LT?
  9. He he, thanks for posting this link!

    She's pricey, but it gives me something fun to look at while I'm killing time at the office. :graucho:
  10. Let-trade, i believe