Anns Fabulous Finds St. Patty's Day Sale!

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  1. Great price on the speedy! That green perfo would look rockin on St. Paddy's Day!
  2. thanks ! :smile:
  3. Thanks for sharing! BTW I noticed your signature and lol I attend Marquette U! lol.

  4. wow thanks for sharing!! :flowers::flowers:
  5. too funny!! good luck!
  6. OMG I can't believe that yellow inclusion bracelet sold for less than $260!!! :wtf: :crybaby:!!
  7. Yay .... thanks for sharing with us! :heart:
  8. oooh...someone bought the cerises speedy! i hope it was a tpf-er!
  9. I had my eye on that cerises bag too! If it was a tPFer I hope they fess up so we can congratulate them! :smile:
  10. thanks!