Ann's Fabulous Finds -presale 2 days only

  1. Hope this is ok to post here

    June 19th and 20th only. I have a couple of goodies on the way- and for once no purses! :graucho:

    10% off previously discounted items and balenciaga
    15% off Chanel & LV
    20% off all other designers
    use summersale at check out
  2. Shoot, almost all the bbags are on hold. Thanks for posting!
  3. This website looks great....

    Has anyone sold anything with Ann's Fabulous Finds? Is it pretty reliable? Seems like a great idea for someone who may not want to venture into eBay. How does the pricing work---I presume they get a cut of the sale price?
  4. there is a link on thge site where you can download the consignment agreement, and see what the % is.

    I havesold a couple of dozen things through AFF. I am extremely satisfied. Have also bought some things. I am too afraid to deal with eBay.

    I highly recommend them. Safe and great to deal with.
  5. Ann and Troy are :tup:
  6. Sale going on now :yahoo:
  7. Price shown is discounted already. I tried this code and did not get any more off :sad:
  8. That's probably because the sale is over. When the sale was going on the code added an extra discount.

  9. The code was for the pre-sale discount. If anyone wanted something they could get the regular price less discount ahead of time. The sale is on now, so the prices are reduced for everyone.
  10. what is the actual website thanks?
  11. D'OH:cursing:! I'm too late!