Annoying transaction ... advice?

  1. I sold one of my LV bags on eBay to fund a trip to Montreal. It sold on Feb. 4th. I put in the listing description that I only accept paypal, but I guess I forgot to change my payment instructions (the ones at the bottom of the screen that eBay saves) which still said I will accept money orders. So, after I have emailed the girl twice with paypal instructions, two days later she says she is sending a money order. I check and see that my instructions say I accept them, so fine. My mistake.

    A week goes by and still no money order. I email her and she responds that she's been out of town on business (which is probably true ... she mentioned she had just got a new job and it was her congrats present to herself) and couldn't log into eBay to get my address. I sent it again.

    I finally got the money order yesterday and it is $10 short!! The bag sold for $449, REQUIRED insurance was $6.50, and shipping was $9.20. For a grand total of $464.70. I got a money order for $455. So, she paid for the bag and insurance, but no shipping.

    Should I ship the bag without insurance and eat the $3, or email her and ask her to send another money order? I kinda just want this to be over with, but I sort of worry about sending a $450 bag with no insurance.
  2. Looking through the EBay Forums about the subject.

    It appears to be that it is the sellers responsibility to ensure they make adequate to cover for the losses.

    Saying that Proof of postage is not proof of delivery.

    In the end it is your decision, but if it did get lost, you may end up losing both the item and your money, as it does look as though ebay etc expect an electronic signature of receipt at least.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I have started to make insurance a requirement on many of the higher value items or just including it in the s&h.
    I would contact the seller and let her know it is $10 short and if she would like to send a personal check rather than a money order that'll be fine.
    I would also send the bag out right away, it was most likely an honest mistake on her part. Definitely insure it.
    Personally I'd much rather get a MO at least you don't have to worry about fees and chargebacks!
  4. Yeah ... if I didn't send it with insurance, I'd send it with DC or signature or something so I knew it got there.
  5. I'd send the bag too, but tell her she owes you $10 and see what she does. If not, I'd just eat it. But definitely do not send the bag without insurance and signature confirmation on an item of that price (eBay requires it).
  6. The good news is, that because it is a Money Order, and NOT paypal, you are in a much better position. Paypal have all sorts of requirements that Money Orders don't (shipping with DC, signature confirmation, confirmed address etc), so you have a little more leeway.

    I would still want to insure it and have Delivery Confirmation for my own peace of mind. Is there anyway you can lower the shipping level (ie send it First class mail instead of Priority etc)?

    Oh, and as I was typing this - is it a USPS money order or another one? I would make sure it has deposited & cleared before even thinking about sending out the purse. I'd probably give it at least 10 days - it can take quite a while for an out of state money order to bounce.

    Just a few thoughts. Good luck with the transaction.
  7. I'd wait until the money order clears (like dcgal stated) about 10 days. There are counterfeit money orders floating around. They look real and the bank thinks that they are fine, but when they realize that it is counterfeit, then YOU are responsible for the money.

    I don't accept MO anymore because of this.
  8. she needs to send you the rest of the money. plain and simple.
  9. I agree that she should send you the rest of the money before you ship the bag. Ebay takes enough away from the seller already with there fees why should you be out another $10. Just tell her nicely that she was short and that she can pay you by paypal if she would like the bag quicker or send another money order.
  10. It's only $10. It was probably an honest mistake. I underpaid by $2 once completely by accident, and I offered to send another money order, but the seller very kindly said it was no problem and they sent it anyway. I'd just send it to her. Good karma says somebody will probably do the same for you someday. However, send it insured with confirmation. USPS (the post office) is super cheap and offers cheap ins, too. Doing small good deeds makes you feel good also! :smile: