Annoying traits of the Alma

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  1. I bought a red Alma and was so excited but now I am not so sure.

    I have been carrying my epi speedy 30 a lot and I am realizing you just can't fit nearly as much stuff in the alma.

    I haven't used her yet but I keep putting my stuff in and no matter how much I take out she sort of buckles at the top when I zip her. I look down at the unclean line and it just annoys me. I am thinking about bringing her back and going with another bag. Is this a crazy thing to bother me.
  2. If its bothering u change it.. Get the tivoli. Ha.
  3. Not even a little bit crazy. It isn't until you've got the bag home and tried it out for size and a visual appraisal of how it will work with your wardrobe and your shape, that you can really begin to tell if it will work for you. I think it's quite legitimate to try fitting in the things you usually carry around, as long as you're careful, and still return it; I wouldn't return a bag once I'd taken it out though. If you're pretty sure it will go on annoying you, now's the time to take it back. Don't be stuck with a bag you don't love!
  4. Not at all, I totally get what you mean - but I leave my Alma unzipped so it doesn't bother me anymore. If you feel uncomfortable doing that you should get a bag with more room!
  5. I love my Alma, but it is kind of annoying zipping it and unzipping it, because of the double zippers.
  6. im glad u mentioned that coz i was thinking of getting one!! i love the trevi so much now
  7. One other thing. Are you putting anything thick into the interior pocket? I noticed that it wasn't the stuff in the main compartment distorting mine, but anything too thick or big in the pocket that did it. Now I only put thin items (money, credit card, etc) in the inside pocket.
  8. I've heard of some of the others here that have the Alma and they complain about the same thing. That stinks because it's such a classic bag. How about the small bowling Montaigne? It's similar to the speedy shape but the zippers go down the sides so it's easier to get into. I love the look of the epi speedy, but everyone says how hard it is to get into it because of the small opening...that would aggravate me!! Good luck with your decision! :smile:
  9. Sorry the Alma is annoying you. Isn't that why we keep buying bags, looking for the perfect one? I thought Alma would annoy me with the short handles and I was so wrong - adore my mono Alma! My epi Speedy 30 annoys me with that stiff zipper opening and it is too large. When I walk the pocket knocks against the side as the considerable pile of stuff in there isn't high enough to keep the pocket in place! I do appreciate that my sweater and water bottle can go into the Speedy but never Alma.
  10. I'm dissapointed with my Alma too. I love the way it looks, the shape is cute but it is irritating to carry around. It hurts my hands when I put too much in and the shape sometimes gets bent if you put stuff in.

    I think bags you can put over your shoulder are more practical.
  11. Aw, I love my Alma!

    I have the White MC, and I love how the handles are rather chubby and large and fits snub on my arm. Then again, I cant complain. I dont carry too much.
  12. The bothersome trait of the MC is that the metal pull tabs jingle so much. It drives me insane sometimes, when I am in a bad mood!

    But all in all, I love it!
  13. i love the tivoli.
    just got her last night. holds SO much! i have the pm and she is beautiful, too!
    only a couple things didnt get transfered into her from my trusty speedy 30, but i don't need to be carrying that much junk anyway! (3 novels? come ON!)

    anyhow, she fits a lot of stuff, has an awesome opening, reminiscent of the alma and lockits and is beautiful. no buck,ling when i had it full, either.
  14. I have never had a problem with my Damier Alma - maybe the new softer Epi is why your bag "buckles" at the top?

    I also hate the double zipper but I leave both on one side so I only have to deal with one zip.

    I use a Purseket in mine to keep things organized.

    Maybe try the Damier Alma? It is so terribly classy and lady-like... I adore mine!
  15. I love my ivory epi alma though you do have to be careful with the way things are placed inside. If something bulges out too much it can distort the shape of the alma. It's also easy to get a dent into the epi leather, that's what frightens me the most. It's just a bag that has to be taken care of, definitely not a run-around bag...The shape is adorable though and so chic! If it keeps bothering you I would exchange it for another bag. Give it some time and sleep over it before you make your decision, good luck!