annoying seller and dumb!

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  1. hi i bought a bag recently and as i paid over 200 euros for it i made a point of asking for it to be sent recorded delivery so it would get lost this is the message i got back
    hi yes it will be sent recorded hence the 12.00 charge i certainly would not want to have it lost in the post thanks
    i still have not recieved the bag and have asked for the tracking info three times it has been over a week and normally things take only a three days to arrrive she has not replied at all! plus i am going away tuesday next week and if i cannot find whom she used or how she posted it it may get lost!
    i feel really annoyed !!
  2. How aggravating! Have you called her yet? I hope that it arrives ASAP!!
  3. i really dont know if i want to call her she was a bit nippy when i asked perfectly normal questions . I guess no point in asking again if she has tracking no/ have a bad feeling about this:crybaby:
  4. I hope everything turns out OK for you.
  5. Contact ebay, you can get personal information of the seller, then call them.Good luck and keep us posted!
  6. thanks guys !!!! but lo and behold the seller says she now cant find the trackin info what a suprise. what really annoys me is how simple it is! I sell on ebay if the item is over a certain price i send it recorded then message them the details along with the website where they can track it themselves simple eh? I now have no bag no number going to nyc tuesday purchased bag last thursday !!:cursing: oh and ebay dont have her number on record!!
  7. Start filing a paypal claim now, that should shake her up a bit.