Annoying question..where can I get one?

  1. Hey everyone, I know this is probably an annoying question but after briefly searching the forums I can't find the answer so I thought I'd ask. Can I get an authentic Balenciaga anywhere online? I found this store from the main page of purseblog: but it wasn't listed under "authentic stores" I don't know why it was listed here.

    I live in Dallas and you can't get them anywhere near here, anyone from Texas know about a store I don't know about? If they did I would have owned a zillion by now :yes:Thanks!

    Oh yeah, how long do you think this trend will last?

  2. Hi, I am in Dallas, too! Go to Northpark Mall in a beeline to Barney's! Park at Nordstrom, enter mall on first level, continue straight ahead, it is on the right, across from Ted Baker, not far from Wolford, Custo, and Juicy.
    Have fun!

    (You should call the downtown NM, I believe they carry them, too.)
  3. No, Neiman's in Dallas doesn't carry them. I wish I had known about Barney's, though!!!

    Neiman's in Austin is fully stocked, if you want to make a road trip.