annoying question...i'm sorry ahead of time

  1. I was going to send someone a PM but I don't see where to do that and also when I tried to respond to a message someone emailed me, it said I didn't have the ability to do so. Do you need to be a member for a certain amount of time before you can PM? If so, that will be a problem for me to join the holiday secret santa I helped talk about :sad:

    Sorry to write about this here, but I have no messaging capabilities and you ladies are so sweet!:shame:
  2. WOW! You've posted a lot for only being here 2 days!

    You have to be a member for more than 5 days for PM privileges, you're almost there!
  3. Hehe, the joys of working at a computer, and in the Army, the work is never steadily crazy, it's long and slow and then a bunch of crap gets dumped on you all at once! So I have downtime to hang out on here...I think I am glad I found a way to pass the time :smile:
    Oh, I love it.