Annoying pm's

  1. this person needs to be ban!!!

  2. :wtf: def. need to be banned :yes:
  3. Just forward those PMs to a mod.
  4. Absoolutely! I was just getting ready to forward the one I got to Vlad when I already saw that they were "Sofa King Banned" :smile:
  5. I got one, too. I forwarded it to Vlad.
  6. these have been reported. . . that's really the best method :yes:
    they've been banned
  7. thank you all...
  8. Ugh I just got one!
  9. i just got one tooo :wtf:
  10. Just got one!
  11. I just got one too. How do I forward it to I just type his name in? Sorry, my first time doing this.
  12. Would you please tell me how to report these spam pms?

    I just got the same email but from Vuittonsales6

  13. Recipient Username(s)

    [BCC] BCC Recipient Username(s)

    Separate multiple user names with ';'
    Title: [​IMG]

    I double checked and vuittonsales6 is definitely banned. Use this feature in your control panel to forward PMs to Vlad or Megs
  14. I banned a whole IP range just now, that should keep this from happening again.
  15. ^^ thank you