Annoying people with fakes

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  1. At my univeristy, it's become a trend for people to prance about with fakes. Not only, that but there's this one girl I know who always says "You won't believe the deal on got on my (insert designer name)?" It's gotten do annoying if she says it to me I reply, "It's probably fake". I don't want to come out and say you're crappy bag is fake. She repsonds, she know it's real.

    Do people with fakes really think they're fooling anyone?
  2. Some really do believe they have the real deal and then there are those (like my sister) who unfortunately no matter how many times you tell them that buying fakes is not good and many people can tell its fake, still buy fakes. Just yesterday she asked me to accompany her to a shoe shop to pick up a pair of shoes she was having taps placed on.

    Well we walked in the shop and to my surprise there were fakes everywhere. She started commenting on them even asking to see a few. The man behind the counter showed her one ChaSmell wallet and begin commenting on how he only wanted $30 for it and in Nordstroms for $30 you get a cheap looking wallet that is not even worth $30. I said nothing, she asked my opinion on a few bags and the wallet I still said nothing. To each her own, but I dont want any part of fakes. I'd rather get something authentic that I can afford.
  3. my college is LOADED with people that are carrying fakes. the most common are fake tokidoki & coach. i'm sure there are other fake bags out there, but i'm not familiar with them so i can't judge. my school allows people that sell fakes to come to our vendor fair, which i believe is wrong. fake coach & tokidoki have greatly increased since those people started coming.

    one of my friends knowingly bought a fake coach (the one with O's instead of C's) and carries it around everywhere. it's honestly embarrassing and awkward to carry my real coach when i'm with her. although i don't like fakes, i don't think i have the right to tell her to stop carrying the bag.

    when i couldn't afford nice bags, i just stuck to bags that were $10-30 from puma, h&m, pacsun, etc. and i was completely happy with it. they're cute in their own way, and i still use them. now i just save, look for deals, and splurge once in awhile. there's no need to buy fakes because you're not fooling anyone, and there are many other cute bags out there you can buy for cheap that aren't fakes.
  4. I know someone who believes this. She travels to China 2x a year on business and claims that she buys these bags at the "outlets". She is convinved they are real. Nothing anyone says will convince her otherwise. I think it has just become almost like a game to her in a sense. Simply put, yes, people do believe they got good deals.
  5. Some fakes are very well made nowadays it's tough to tell what's real and what's not on some brands.The bottom line as far as i'm concerned is this- you might be able to fool others but you can't fool yourself.:idea:
  6. there are like 5 THOUSAND threads about this already, can we top cluttering the front page up with yet another? Try the thread called "A Place For the FAKES" or something like that
  7. Some people are just easier to fool than others... if they believe a fake to be real! Says a lot on their common sense I guess....
  8. Old posts with a million pages are impossible for me to keep up with. I'm glad someone starts a new thread every now and then.

  9. I agree. Some new threads are redundant, but why can't people start a new one? Sometimes it's hard to read through 15 pages of an old thread. I'm pretty new and started some redundant threads because I didn't know how it works, but I enjoy discussing new topics or variations on old topics.