Annoying--no FB from seller...

  1. The thing is, I am one of the few nice, honest buyers on eBay. I pay immediately, don't do chargebacks, communicate with the seller promptly, etc. etc. etc. I left useful FB (i.e. "authentic ___, fast ship, good communication", not just "thanks") the second I received my item and verified for myself that the item was authentic. A fair bit of time has passed, and the seller still hasn't left FB for me! I know things happen, and maybe in another month or whatever the seller will leave positive FB, but seriously--if sellers want buyers to be prompt in providing FB (especially with the crazy new no-neg rule), then they have to be prompt in leaving FB as well!!
  2. i'm w/u! just contact the seller regarding you've left fb and request they do their part. was it from power seller w/many auctions ends on daily bases? sometimes those seller will set aside a day or so in a month to pay off 'feedback debt'
  3. Have to say that as a seller I'm not too bothered if a buyer doesn't leave feedback BUT as a buyer I expect a seller to have the courtesy of leaving me fb if I have done so for them. I always leave fb for my buyers as it's a way of saying thank you
  4. I am a seller and late last year, I got so many feedback that I had no time to give feedback. In the end, I got an automatic feedback giver and it is working out for me. I hate not giving out personalized feedback, but I pretty much say the same stuff anyway so this was great. Maybe your seller is lazy, busy, or suddenly their business has grown and they don't know how to deal with it yet. =( I know I was the worst in December.
  5. I would probably have at least 50 more + if people would spend a minute to leave feedback. I mean its not hard as they all come up on a list. It really bugs me when people dont do this.
  6. Yeah, I am *trying* to be patient.....but still am feeling pretty annoyed at the moment.
  7. Some sellers leave a month's worth of FB all at once so it can sometimes take that long before you get it.
  8. Really annoying when people do this, just keep bugging her & asking for your feedback!

  9. I am exactly the same way. What is funny is that I am a buyer and a seller so I see it both ways. Once, a buyer sends feedback I do the same once I leave feedback I expect the same. I recently had given a seller feedback and 1 week pasted by. I wrote to her and she said that she was going to do that on Friday (it was Tues), apparently that is her pastime. I think you should contact the seller and see what happens.
  10. I agree, it is annoying when you leave feedback and the other party can't be bothered. I bought 3 items from 3 different sellers for Christmas. I left FB as soon as the items arrived and still have no FB from the sellers. I'm sure they had some time in the last 8 weeks. They had time to sell more items.
  11. fb is voluntary and a some sellers believe that the fb system is flawed and won't participate. You can check to see if sellers leave fb before you bid.

    I as a seller only leave it once a month on the last day of the month. As a buyer I leave it when I recieve it, but honestly I don't pay attention wether or not the buyer leaves it for me.
  12. I left more feedback as a buyer and a seller than they left me .. it is what it it ...
  13. feedback is useless unless you have almost none...
  14. And this is only going to get worse, I have seen on the UK Powerseller board that some sellers are going to stop leaving feedback at all once the new fb changes come into effect