Annoying neighbor~

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What should I do?

  1. Suck it up, bear with it.

  2. Revenge, turn on loud music and speak loud too.

  3. Other good suggestions.

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  1. I know this topic probably discussed before, but I just don't know how to do is better. I'm living in an one bedroom apartment, and the next door neighbor constantly making noise :mad: like loud music, party, or arguing. What should I do to make her stop?:sos:
  2. Definitely talk to your landlord about it. Leases usually have fine print that requires tenants to be quiet and respectful of the others in the building. If she's not, I doubt that you're the only one who she is disturbing.
  3. first talk to your neighbor, if that doesn't work then let your landlord know of the situation.
  4. Call the police everytime they are loud and maybe they'll get it next time!! haha. Well thats what I'd do

    OR you should confront her about it!
  5. Do police deal with this kind of thing? I think they are not louder enough to make me calling police. I worry it'll be really troublesome if I do call police. :shrugs:
  6. ITA!

    i have this hideous neighbor who talks VERY loud and plays music loud during the at 8am in the morning!!!!

    can't i just sleep in for once?

    i it during the weekdays around 6am and you save me an alarm clock but weekend?!

    who does that?

    anyways, he's stopped thank God. otherwise i would've slicked the landlord then police on him!
  7. if there's arguement you can say that there's they're being disruptive and you fear for someone's safety as arguing can lead to violence, etc.

    you could be a 'concerned' citizen who does not know what the noise is but it's loud enough that you, in your apt or house, can hear.

    i think some cities charge for false calls when it comes to police and firemen? but in this case there is reason if she does not lower her volume and be more respectful
  8. ^thanks for the opinion...
    I will talk with landlord first if she's still annoying me tomorrow.
    I thought she was arguing with someone on phone :sweatdrop:, but it was in the midnight. I believed it was relationship problem. :yucky: I don't need to know what you're(neighbor) talking about, ok~:feminist::smash:
  9. ITA :yes:
  10. I think you should talk to them first, then the landlord, then the police. No need to get others involved unless you have to. Maybe write a very polite note to them and explain how you're glad you're neighbors, but occassionally they can get a bit loud, then ask them if they could keep you in mind and tone it down some. Slip that under their door. If that doesn't work, then go to the landlord.
  11. I would avoid personal confrontation personally.
    You have NO idea how they'd react and I'm not sure you'd want them to know where you live.
    So I'd go to the Landlord first and then the Police.
  12. ^yep, that's what I am concerned that they might beat me up first:lol:
  13. Depends on what kind of people they are. I had neighbours downstairs who I knew to be grad students at my school. They turned on their TV / music too loud and I just rang their doorbell and politely informed them about it, and it never happened again.

    On the other hand one of my downstairs neighbours had two ginormous sons who parked their car under my windows and played loud mariachi music at all hours of the day and night, and had friends who would stand around with no shirts on and ogle any passing female while making remarks in Spanish. That time I told the managment and the family was asked to move out.
  14. ITA, most definitely if you do not know the neighbors. You just can't be too careful. We had to do this recently in our townhouse association because on one side of us is a rental property with loud white trash-y types (sorry) who love to use our dumpsters when theirs are too full and throw cigarette butts onto our property (duh, fire hazard). It was very tempting to march over there and threaten to go mideval but we wrote a letter to the property management company instead. Thankfully, that fixed the problems, for now.
  15. Call the cops!!! :biggrin: That's what happened to DH and moi years ago when we were living in an apartment. He was tickling me and I fell from the couch and I started yelling. A few minutes later came the cops. Boy was I embarrassed:shame: We were well-behaved neighbors there after hehehehe