ANNOYING ebay Sellers!!

  1. I need to vent....

    Can anyone explain to me WHY a seller lists an item(s) and then REFUSES to answer any questions? I want to buy a hoodie that is over $300 and I have a few questions and no one will reply. I dont get it!! So I just said ya know what I am not giving that creep any of my $, and I removed it from my watch list. This is the 2nd hoodie that I have had interest in and they didnt reply the 1st or 2nd time I asked a question. :cursing:
  2. They're probably "hiding" something. If they answer you in an email format, they will be held liable for what they told you (it's documentation you can use if it's a fake) so they're guarding themselves by not answering you. I've encounter this many times as well and I do the same thing - decide that they're probably "shady" so I take them off my watch list as well. Any HONEST Seller would answer your questions because there wouldn't be anything to hide. I'm running into more Sellers that use someone else's photos to sell (the photos are "personal" not stock type so you wouldn't know to ask if the photos are actually theirs!) and you don't know you're not getting the same item as pictured until you receive it. And then eBay doesn't even do anything about it when you report these people (I just got an email this morning from eBay stating that they've found nothing wrong with an auction that used someone else's photo, stating "some sellers get permission to use someone else's photos......"). I'd even asked that Seller WHY their photo was EXACTLY the same photo as another eBay Sellers, she told me she didn't know why! Permission, my buttocks! :tdown:
  3. I have to agree. If they don't answer your question, they have something to hide. Move on to a more reputable seller -- there are plenty more people on eBay who want your business!
  4. ^^^^I agree with the above posters, I never bind on an item if I don't hear back from the seller.
  5. What they said! If they can't reply to a question then I would not buy from them.....RUN!
  6. Depends on their feedback and history also. I had this happen recently myself w/ ME being the seller... I had a family emergency w/ my mother with cancer and could not answer things right away. If they don't answer however what you need to know, then I would not bid/buy.
  7. I agree, if a seller won't even answer your questions when they are trying to sell the item, that isn't a very good indicator for how they will behave after they already have your money in hand! In that case, no matter how much I love an item, I do just like you did - delete it from my watched list and move on.
  8. That is annoying. Also what is most annoying to me is when you leave great feedback and they never leave any feedback in return. :cursing: Makes me mad!
  9. FYI I am not saying this is the case in this situation, but I don't answer questions sometimes if the answer is clearly stated in the auction.

    On the flip side as a seller, I don't want to sell to someone who hasn't even bothered to read or look at my auction thoroughly, and then may return the bag or give me bad feedback saying "I didn't know this item is XXXXX" when it is clearly stated in the auction. Been burnt too many times.
  10. yes I agree - I stupidly bought from someone who didn't answer my questions (well they answered one) but not the more detailed questions. As I result I ended up with a fake bag - I was so mad with myself. I would not make that mistake again. I did get my money back but the hassle isn't worth it.

    I always answer questions when I sell items - and I always make a point of saying that the photos are mine and of the item the buyer will receive!
  11. yeah that is so annoying! Especially when you know they had a bargain and were clearly happy with what they bought!
  12. if they are not replying when listing a EXPENSIVE item.... do not BID :yes:
  13. In the beginning I never left feedback, I just didn't see the need. Then a seller contacted me and I always leave it but I still have a hard time deciding what to put to give the most info possible in one sentence!
  14. Oh I couldnt agree feedback score would be double if every transaction left feedback. Ugh...we need a new auction site.

    On the flip side the seller finally replied about 2 hours before the auction ended, and I wasnt home. They just said sorry. I still wont be buying from them though who knows if the item would ever show up anyways.
  15. thats my policy when im buying on ebay, if they dont answer my questions then I dont bother buying from them. because if they really wanted my business they would take the time out to respond.

    its not like they have to answer asap, when they get time to respond i respect that.