Annoying co-worker getting balenciaga for $100 !?!?

  1. I have a co-worker, who says she doesn't care about brands and always judges everything that I buy. Now her daughter in law works for this store in Houston called Mix and sends her stuff that is 'designer'. I've seen some of the stuff she gets and they are names that I've never heard off and she tells me that they're worth sooo much money. Whatever.

    She called me a little bit a go and she was like: "Have you heard of B-a-l-e-n-c-i-a-g-a before?" so I said, yes, the bag that I have is Balenciaga. So she goes: "they go for $1,500?, how much did you pay for yours?" I told her. (I have a city) So she tells me that she is getting one for $100 from this store... :wtf::wtf::wtf: I asked her if it was pre-loved and she said it was brand new F/W 06 (:confused1:)Suppossedly because the owner of the store loves her daughter in law so much and she is such a 'hard worker' she is giving her this great deal but could this be possible?? Are people out there ever this nice to their employees? Does anyone in the area know of this store? do they sell authentic stuff?

    Sorry about the venting but she is soooooooo anoying!! :cursing:
  2. Anything's possible! :smile: But the real issue is, stop taking her calls!She's just getting your goat- don't let her. Move on! (I know, easier said.)
  3. Omg, I totally get you, I'd be so annoyed too!! I hate people like that!

    I wouldn't think that anyone could get such a deal on a Bbag, but then again, you never know..
  4. Your bag is much nicer & prettier then hers will ever BE~! NO worries.... let her be "water off your back". Don't do this though.... :bagslap:
  5. Even if it is real, will she ever value it as much or be as proud of it as someone who invested in a bag? She hasn't brooded over what to choose or lusted for a particular style or colour. Therefore you are in a better position than her. Don't be jealous - she doesn't matter.
  6. The real reason why she's bragging to you is that she is j-e-a-l-o-u-s! She knows that she can't ever have the real thing so I wouldn't even bother with her:rolleyes:.
  7. MIX in houston does sell authentic designer items. I got a McQueen scarf from them.

    Don't let her get to you, maybe she is fibbing just to get to you.
  8. Oh, I can see what you mean! I have a friend like that - only with us it's not about $1,500 bags, but a bit smaller things like Chanel mascara. I'm not gonna write the whole story, but I totally get you.
    And just like Louis_gal I'm thinking she's just jealous as hell ;)

    P.S. It just hit me that I'm placing "as hell" after almost everything in every post. Sorry for that, I just finished Catcher in the Rye, so that's probably why :p
  9. just remember as said above, she has to get what she can settle for. you can afford to pay for a bag where you can choose the color and style.
  10. I am sure the cost of balenciaga is far over $100 so in mu opinion there is zero way her DIl is getting it for that price, plus I have bougth Bruno frisoni shoes from Mix and they were plenty expensive.

    I don't believe her and you should wear your BBAG with pride and walk by her desk with nose in air. When she brings it in make a snide comment about it being fake or soemthing fun!!!
  11. i don't know.... i have to see it to believe it. for now, i think it's full of bull. but it's quite the compliment huh? she doesn't care for designer stuff but then she sees how hot you look, she had to go hunt down some designer duds herself and of course it has to be a price she can afford, and now that she has "found" it, she wants to brag. then let her brag b/c what she really is telling you is that she wants to be a copycat and look just like you.
  12. say "ooo girlfriend, I think you got a fake"
  13. Even though she's annoying, if the bag is real, then I would try to be excited for her. Its a great deal and an even more fabulous bag. When she gets it ask to see it and feel free to rave about it. I'm sure she would love the attention - and you would do nothing less for someone you were more friendly with.
  14. :roflmfao::lol:
  15. OMG!! You just gave me flashbacks of my sister in law!! I can't even elaborate, but, I sooooo feel your PAIN!!!!! :cursing: Just one of those people who gets everything for nothing and doesn't even know or care about the value. UGH!