Annoying Buyer

  1. I sold a Coach wristlet to this woman on the 13th. I got her payment on the 14th and shipped on the 15th. I sent priority but she didn't want to pay for confirmation, insurance etc...
    on the 16th I got an email from her asking where her bag was. I told her she would have it in two days. I then got an email asking for a tracking number. I explained there wasn't one as she had refused to pay for that service. She insisted I was wrong. She demanded I fax her a copy of the receipt. I asked her to please relax and said that she would have her purchase in two days. She then said she didn't realize I had WAITED to send her purchase....AHHHH! I don't think shipping the day after getting payment is waiting and I ahve never had anyone make me fax the receipt the day after I shipped. Big pain...
  2. I don't know if you sold the bag on eBay and accepted Paypal, but if you did, you have to have tracking.... Paypal makes it the sellers responsibility not the buyers. Still, it sending it a day later is not big deal, even mail order companies do not ship the same day,lol, even if you pay express. I just don't know how you are going to get around the tracking issue if your buyer files an 'item not received' dispute. That is a biggie :s
  3. ^^ wow, I never knew that PP makes it the sellers responsibility to have tracking. That's good to know.
  4. Well, it's been said a thousand times that it is the seller's responsibility to deliver the item, undamaged, to the buyer. How can you prove you delivered it, if you don't buy tracking? It is YOUR responsibility NOT the buyer's to buy tracking and insurance. If you don't, it's your loss not theirs.

    I always include the cost of tracking and insurance in my shipping fee.
  5. From now on,
    I would not leave it an option for the buyer not buy insurance and a tracking #.
    I would alway include this in their cost of shipment.
    I would make it manditory so you don't run into this situation again.

    I don't no what your buyer was expecting but if she wanted the item that fast then, did she even realize that she would have to pay EXTRA for that kind of service as in Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air, and that there is still a cut off time that you still have to have to the shipper no later than I believe 5:00 PM to make it next day.
    I guess a lot of buyers are so excited about what they won that they forget it takes time for things to happen.
    Such as driving to the Post Office,Fed EX,UPS,...ETC!:smile:
    This one of the big probelms that we face in this Mircowave world we live in.
    We all what ever thing done now and have it our way.

    And No I don't feel you were in the wrong shipping it the next bussiness day after you recieved payment!:smile:
    I'm going to think positive and think that she was just so excited about her purchase that she didn't realize the world doesn't spin around her.


  6. I totally agree; that's just nuts to pay for something and expect it the next day. Eluxury and any other professional store wouldn't even do that! Jeez...:rolleyes:
  7. Yep, it's the seller's responsibility to prove they shipped the item with tracking, regardless of whether the buyer "wanted" to pay for it or not.

    If the buyer paid via paypal, you can print out a shipping label from your computer and it will give you delivery confirmation for free. It's 60 cents at the post office, so there's really no reason not to include tracking for your peace of mind.

    Also remember that for any purchase worth $250 or more, eBay/PP requires signature confirmation.
  8. Yes I recently learned its my responsibility and have just started sending stuff fedex ground...its actually more economical. Its hard though I am finding that buyers don't want to pay shipping. The woman mentioned above was charged for a flat rate priority mail box and was saying I way over charged her for shipping. All my listings state how much shipping is so I don't understand why she was so upset.
    Another seller actually deducted $3.00 of my invoice in the shipping area on another item. Its unbelieveable.
  9. ^ I hate when buyers complain about shipping prices that were listed up front! If they don't agree with the shipping price (they can estimate how much it would cost), they shouldn't bid! I've paid $20 for shipping on a pair of sunglasses that cost the seller $4.60 to mail me. Yes, that's very high, but I knew about it up front and incorporated it into the price of the item I bought. Even with high shipping, I'm still getting a great deal! Some buyers are just unreasonable.
  10. Ship 1 day after payment made is acceptable. Sorry you encounter such that buyer. Some of my buyers also did the same. To prevent it, I always use EMS with tracking number and send them URL pic of EMS invoice ( shown the tracking number and receiver's name ).
  11. People are so crazy, what does she expect?
  12. I didn't realise either until I got an email from PayPal with shipping and tracking info for my purchase -- and that was only last week. :shrugs:

    This buyer's a ditz and I'm sorry you have to put up with them. I agree with yyz - from now on refuse to ship without tracking, it's worth it.
  13. yep it should be mandatory to buy confirmation at least for sellers peace of mind.

    i would never send something out without any type of confirmation.
  14. Plus if if u give a buyer an option of tracking or no tracking, a scammer will easily pick no tracking for easier scamming of sayin they never received the item..then you are screwed.
  15. I used to ship next day, then I realized most people would take their sweet time paying and I would end up at the post office nearly every day! I finally started shipping only twice a week, it is listed clearly in my auctions, and I have instructed the buyers to pay the day BEFORE the shipping day they prefer. It has cut out a lot of hassle for me.

    I hope your buyer gets her wristlet soon and sends you a nice sincere apology for being a PITA over nothing.