1. Ok so BF uses my PCE card every now and then to get me some Coach stuff.

    This year he picked up the penguin keyfob and the tattersal ponytail scarf for my stocking.

    I opened the ponytail scarf and right smack dab in the middle is a STAIN!! and to make matters worse, the coach tag is not the original --it's HAND written AND included the price!! they had gift wrapped it for him so he didn't even check.
    I feel awful because he feels awful about the gift.

    Now, I know the price of things but to leave the price on a gift? The SA's should know better! Plus it was stained and the it was the first thing I saw when I opened it.. so I KNOW the SA must've seen it!!!

    I just think that coach CS has gone down hill fast this year (both online and in the stores).
    Had to vent. Thanks :smile:
  2. That is very poor customer service. I'm sorry this happened to you.
  3. I would take it back. Explain what happened and they should take it back.
  4. I know they'll take it back but it's just annoying to have to do so.
    I expect more from Coach .. in the past I haven't questioned their "gift wrapping" .. Now I feel like everytime I buy something I will have to inspect it... kwim?
  5. Wow, that sucks...sorry to hear that things didn't work out for you guys. Have you tried to return it?
  6. will probably get there on saturday... hope they have it in stock and don't have to order it .. anyway .. just needed to vent .. :smile:
  7. Sorry to hear of the poor SA service. I had noticed that the SA service wasn't all that great around the Holiday Season because they were using a lot of "temp" sales help. Many of the SA's I'd encountered between Thanksgiving and Christmas didn't know anything/not very helpful and there were several items they'd wrapped that were scratched (looked like "returns") or stained, etc. Luckily, I shopped early on and CHECKED my wrapped/boxed items prior to giving them as gifts!
  8. yikes that really stinks. that is exactly why i dont really like how they wrap things in the back and you dont get to see the actual item unless you undo all the ribbon. a few weeks ago I was in the boutique and a woman was buying a $500 or $600 watch and the SA gave her MAJOR attitude & rolled eyes when she asked to have the ribbon undone so that she could see item before leaving the store. it was awful!
  9. sorry to hear that.. they brought out my bleecker wallet cause I asked to look before it was wrapped and it had a white stain right on front on the black leather.. it was VERY obvious... I asked to get another one.. annoys me when they act like they didn't see it or something :mad:
  10. Sorry Finz...I don't think they should've even wrapped up the soiled gift! UGH. To leave the price tag on is crass also. I'd ask to speak the to the manager when I return to the store. Unacceptable. your avatar...Is that the USVI?
  11. I'm sorry that your scarf has a stain ... hopefully you can exchange it without a hassle!
  12. I noticed the same thing regarding some of the Holiday workers. It seemed to me that the staff selecting the stock & gift wrapping in the back, weren't as knowledgeable about the product handling as the more experienced SAs. As a result, purchases weren't given the same care as in the past.

    I also shopped early for gifts so that I could inspect everything before it was wrapped. When I didn't like what was originally selected, I asked to see another until I was pleased.

    Thanks SAs for being so accommodating!!!
  13. That is absolutely ridiculous! I work at a Hallmark store and I check the products as I bag them or wrap them in tissue...if I see a flaw I will point it out to the customer and offer to let them pick out a different one.

    For the money that is spent at Coach, the service should be PERFECT.
  14. That is a shame. I am sure that they will take it back no problem, but it is the point.
  15. That is terrible and I would let someone know. I just gave the tattersail print pony tail scarf yesterday as a gift and they wrapped it at the coach with the box so I did not check it and left the price on and it looks like it was tied to something and wrinkled badly in the middle. I know they got this one from the back so I was expecting a nice pressed one. I am not happy and will tell someone.