1. please excuse my rant as i don't think i have ever gotten frusterated with the phone people at LV. first of all i call to ask if the damier koala agenda has been discountinued (even though i know it has been) and TWO different people tell me "we never made the koala in a damier agenda only in monogram" and i'm like HAHAHAHA no. i saw it the other night, i am positive you made it in damier, you're mistaken. so they double check. one comes back and says she will have to call me back, i tell her that i don't have time to wait. so i call back to speak to someone else. she also tries to tell me they never made it, and i tell her the same, please double check. so she does, and she tells me they do not have it any longer. i ask if there is anyway they can get it for me because i only buy my purchases in-store. she checks other stores in new york and out of the 5 new york stores there are ZERO. i had no idea it was so popular?

    i don't want to purchase it yet because i don't know if that's the one i really want. i do not return louis vuitton. i dunno, just don't. i was planning to go to the city this weekend to buy it and now i'm out of luck because "they do not transfer small leather goods." GRR. i don't like having things shipped to me, it's just not as exciting to get unless i'm in the store. :cursing:
  2. I now what you mean, I dont like shopping over the phone. Hopefully they will find one for you.
  3. go to the store anyway and ask them, the phone people often have no idea about stock in teh store
  4. i know there is one in atlantic city. i saw it this past weekend, i should have bought it and brought it with me to the city to exchange incase i didn't like it. this would not be a problem if they made azur in koala, lol cuz i would want that hands down. i just can't make a decision between damier koala or azur.
  5. only problem is i was going specifically FOR louis vuitton. otherwise i'd be going up to new york to do a little but of shopping for school too since it starts in 3 weeks but just can't pull that off right now and LV takes priority. lol so if i went up there i better be coming home with something because it's 2 hours away.
  6. I would phone all the LV stores around your area to see if they have any....if you really want, consider ordering it by phone. You can always just visit the store anyway since you like the experience so much:tup:
  7. Go to the store and check just to be sure, or you can try calling and possible getting another SA to assist you, Good-luck!
  8. Yeah, it can be frustrating! Try calling them again maybe tomorrow, hopefully you'll reach a different person who's more helpful!
  9. ^^^ i called three times today. lol got disconnected once but spoke to 3 different people. i don't know. i'm almost ready to drive down to atlantic city tomorrow or friday to get the koala just so i can go to new york on saturday to see if i may want to exchange it for an azur. i don't like buying from other stores either, i like buying from MY store.
  10. plus the new trunks and bags agendas are supposed to be coming out but i don't know if i can wait for them. i wanted my agenda for school which starts in 3 weeks.