Annoyed with Saks LV Dept

  1. I was at Bal Harbor over the weekend and wanted the Damier Azur bag and they did not have any but they managed to find one at Saks in Boca . I gave them my credit card and had it charge sent.
    It arrived yesterday but I am a bit more than annoyed. No receipt! I mean what did they charge me ?? I think that is so annoying..
    Does this happen to others. Usually I get a recipt tucked in a nice envelope.. but whenever something comes from Boca Saks LV dept no receipt.. ugh........!
    Sorry just had to rant!
    Love the Azur bag though.. so scared its going to get dirty though..
  2. I would be upset too. I HAVE to have my receipt. Maybe you could call the store?????

    Glad you like your bag.
  3. Congratulations on your bag :smile:

    Call the store and let them send you the receipt im sure it wont be a problem
  4. I usually get better service from Saks LV. I would just call..maybe they forgot! And congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ask the store to send ur receipt then! if u dont have the receipt u wudnt know if they charged u extra on or smth eh?

    by the way,congrats on azur
  6. A receipt is amust for me. :yes: Definitely call and ask for it.
  7. demand that they send your receipt back. and i only say demand because i was in a similar situation. not with lv though. i didn't receive my receipt with a chargesend and talk about a heartache on getting the receipt sent to me and having to actually return the item i purchased. my local store just wasn't accommodating. long story.

    i'm sure it was an honest mistake, but i just really had a bad experience.
  8. i had the same problem with all my Mulberry bags ordered from Walt Whitman and receipts or whatsoever
  9. I am annoyed with elux right now. I ordered the LV disco ball in gold and they sent me silver. This is the first time elux screwed up my order.
  10. I know how you feel! I bought a pochette from Saks in Boca and didn't get a receipt either! I called and had them print something out for me.
  11. I always get a receipt with a nice note when I order from Saks in Boca, Annette is the SA and she is very sweet. I am sure it was a oversight or perhaps maybe something happened when it went down to shipping. I would call the store and I know they will take care of it. Now by rereading your post I think perhaps the problem is the SA at BalHarbor is getting the credit for the sales and it might be put through their store so perhaps the SA there will mail you a receipt. I would call to make sure.
  12. Thanks I think I will.. the bag is in fine shape and its not like I am going to return the bag but its more principle at this point. I have problems at the Boca Saks with the older woman that has dark hair. She is rude and very unhelpful... she seems to not enjoy her job... but I will call tomorrow.. thanks everyone:smile:
  13. Yeah, I hate it when I order something and they don't include a receipt. It's happened to me a couple of times. They say they forgot it or accidentally left it by the register, etc.

    Congrats on your Azur bag, though!:yahoo:
  14. OMG that would so piss me receipt...what if you called yr cc and said 'i didn't charge this' what documentation do they have hmmm
  15. Just call and have them send it, they can always's not a problem....I have had Valley Fair reprint a lost receipt for me before, it's not a problem at all.