Annoyed with people making judgement calls bc of my LV bags

  1. So let me start by saying I only have 2 LV bags and a wallet.....I am getting SO annoyed with ppl *assuming* I have money to do things or looking at me like I am crazy if I say I need my paycheck because I am broke.

    For example, my mother in law called my husband and I this weekend to see if we wanted to do a summer beach rental with them and my husband told me she said to him, "C' guys can afford it. Instead of Colleen buying a LV bag, do this" WTF is that??? And it happens all the my sister will assume I have all this extra money laying around just because I have an LV bag. :rant:

    All these bags I have pretty much saved up for and treated myself to. It's bullcrap that ppl just assume like this....anyway - does it ever happen to you guys? I guess I shouldn't let it bother me.
  2. My mother in law is also very nosy, ignorant and rude and she is the kind of person who will go around saying how great she is because she likes the "simple" things in life. She is GREAT at critizizing (i think i spelt it wrong!) my mom and I because we like more high end things. She'll go on about how she would never spend $1300 on a bag (my mom's manhattan PM) but yet she brags about how she spent $5000 on like pots and pans. *lame* so yes, it happens all the time but if they want to think that you have the money than just let them! :smile:
  3. Yeah... it happens to most of us... :sad:
  4. I will whip out the relatively less expensive bags when the ILs are here, and they still give me a look. But the bigger point is, OMG, they wanted you guys to pay money to go on vacation with them. :wtf: That sounds like a nightmare to me, yikes!
  5. I think this is an assumption that most make about people carrying an designer bag :sad:
  6. I agree with you :yes: My friends in high school were always like "Ohhh she's loaded" or "What do you mean you're broke?" just because I bought really nice things and after I started buying LV, they said things about me that made me sound like a stuck up snob showing off my "wealth". Well, I bought LV with my hard-earned money. I don't come from a super wealthy family or anything...I mean, I don't have to pay for my tuition, rent (I live at home still at problem.), food or anything, but my parents would never support my Louis Vuitton it is a treat for myself. It's not like I'm trying to show them how rich I am or whatever they're thinking.
  7. Yeah it's happened to me before or people just ask straight out like why would I ever buy LV, thinking it's only about the branding. People don't realize the quality and history of the luxury good you own. Also I don't think they realize how much LV actually costs or the ability to have a luxury item. It doesn't sound like you're always walking around in Chanel suits (and neither am I), having a luxury good is about yourself not about others. If only sometimes people would realize that lol
  8. Okay, I absolutley HATE that!!!! My whole family is a bunch of nosey, in your face types, and they never seem to tire of talking about what I do!!!!! Why, is that???? Well, if I were you, I would have said, "But I would just LOVE the LV Bag so much more than going on a summer rental!!!!" So, that's where I'm spending MY money!!! And I would have said it too, just like that, damn straight!!!
  9. LMAO...who needs $5000 pots and pans? I could get like 3 or maybe 4 bags with that money. :lol:

    I really haven't run into this problem yet. Most of the people I know sort of understand my addiction. (I don't have any in-laws yet) I'm sure I will run into someone like this one day and it will drive me crazy too. I know it's easier to say than do, but you shouldn't let it bother you. As long as you can still afford to pay your bills it's none of their buisness how you spend your money!
  10. This is something my MIL would say. That's why I never show her any of my nice items. I don't want her to brainwash my dh. I save up for my LV but people think that you spend money frivolously if you spend it on a bag for some reason.
  11. Haha! :lol: Yea, that would have been great if I would have said that....sadly though I get along with this woman and do actually like her. I just don't know what makes ppl think they can just come out and say stuff like that.
  12. so tired of this subject, ppl get so annoying, especially girls at my school who stare at me and my friends, ughh.... no in-laws, but if i do, my bf's mom is the shoppaholic, she and my mom go out together, they try to match their bags too... i think its cute... she has a black matte croc birkin, ahhhh i love it, my mom doesnt have croc :crybaby:
  13. Yep! I have NO MONEY cause I've bought way too many LV bags recently....
  14. I also have this problem too. As Im only 16, I save up for most of my bags or my dad puts money towards them. My older sister assumes that I have the money to do lots of things just because I buy LV and she says its a waste of money. And may I ask WTF its got to do with her. Like when all my family come round, my sister says "show them what you bought, a cles for £79" and I say to her its nothing to do with anyone else what I spend my money on, so my cles is tiny and it a small peice of leather but I love it and its my money. Dont worry its you're money :smile:
  15. I totally understand...
    My co-workers do that too
    In addition, I don't want my boss to have an impression that he paid me enough so I can afford these designer brand handbags/shoes. Most of the time I would say it's a gift...:P