ANNOYED!!!!!!!!!! with my PHH!

  1. OK- To those of you who are married..or have signif. others....
    DOES anyone else have a spouse....etc...who uses YOUR CAR ,all its gas,and then LEAVES it with the GAS LIGHT ON......................and parks it in the garage without even considering filling it up?????!!!!and no-he denies even remembering saying to our 9 year old that- wow-he has no gas....hhhmmm..aha!(funny how your kids remember EVERYTHING!)
    Can you tell I am PEEVED??????
    I came this close to running out of gas on a busy highway because my PHH((!) did this to me today! I had my daughter in the car with me... and guzzles gas..its a BMW SUV...and I could barely go a mile.....thats how low it was!!!ooooohhh! SOOOO MADDDDD!!!!!!
    Please tell me I am not the only one who has this problem!!!>
    OK Thanks for letting me vent but I got so annoyed...because I could have been stuck with my daughter in the darn car...luckily I got to the gas station in time...hhhmmm
    I think PHH OWES me a new bag or pair of shoes...yes??!!!!! LOL! How to make him suffer??! and he will never do it again..???!!!.hhhmmmm!!!!!ANYONE??!
  2. Jill,

    I know you're ticked but I have to ask ...
    what is PHH? :huh:
  3. It sounds like something my hubby does! I'm so sorry!!! but nothing that a brand new pair of Manolo's wouldn't cure! :nuts:
  4. Wow I would be REALLY mad... that is a huge pet peeve of mine! Vlad never has done that to me (he is really good about gas) but I had friends that did that to me in college!!!

    He owes you shoes... and a foot rub with them!
    HE is the official first PHH!
  6. My younger brother did that to me last week - I was really pissed, so I feel your pain! He has his own car but he wanted to drive with the big sunroof open so he felt the need to take my car... without asking, punk.
  7. PHH = Purse-Hating Hubby
  8. ARGH. I think you at least deserve new shoes for that.
  9. LOL I'm sorry for your troubles! Should I ask what "PHH" stands for?

    My husband does this, also an SUV. I too share your pain and find it rediculously annoying. I'd probably threaten to not make dinner or not do his laundry until he can fill up the car for you or at least leave gas in it. But that's ol spiteful me. ;)
    Edit~ My comp just froze Mid-type...I didn't mean to leave an "N" in the middle of nowhere. I was about to say take a deep breath, get yourself some tea and relax in the lovely purse forum. :smile:
  10. Oh. Purse Hating Hubby.

    Sorry. Apparently I was the only one who didnt know. :lol:
  11. Heh... for a sec there, I thought PHH was Poopie Head Hubby. :o)
  12. he he. I like that one. LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. I thought it was Pukey Head Hubby:lol:
    My DH has done that too!
  14. ^^ OK-since I invented the term..I now re-name it as BOTH !!!
    LOL!! HEE!HEE!(Poopie head,pursehating hubby=PHPHH!????!)
  15. My husband did this to me last week and I was on my way to jury duty!!! The worst part was that he insisted that I take his car - Ford F350, super gas guzzler - because it has a nav system, that I don't know how to use anyway. AND, I specifically asked if he had gas and he said he had a full tank! Of course, I was running late, there was serious traffic and I couldn't stop for gas. I cursed him all the way down the highway.